Alexandre Duchet wins at French Electric On-road Nats Rd3


The third round of French Electric On-road Nationals took place in Clermont Ferrand on a nice track and with a high temperature. Qualification rounds was TQing by Loic Jasmin from XRAY’s Alexandre Duchet . In the finals, after a big battle with Loic, he made a mistake which allowed Alexandre to win the A1 and A2.

Final results:

  1. Alexandre Duchet – XRAY T4
  2. Cyril N’dyae
  3. Lucas Urbain
  4. Loic Jasmin
  5. Thomas Vigneron
  6. Alexandre Laurent – XRAY T4
  7. Jeremy Limoges – XRAY T4
  8. Mickaël Jasmin – XRAY T4
  9. Manu Wagner – XRAY T4
  10. Rémi Callens

Race report by Pierre Delorme:

“The third round of French took place in Gergovie near Clermont Ferrand in France. More than 80 drivers were present Racing in four different classes : TC Modified, TC Stock 10.5, TC Stock 13.5, Formula One 21.5. The track was open with high grip and some bumps. It was downhill and banked so in stock class the motor had a big impact on the lap times. We needed to find the good balance between power and motor temperature because the track temperature was up to 65°C.

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning took place the free practices and controlled practices for reseeding. Saturday afternoon on a hot track started qualifications, Michael Derderian (XRAY/Trinity/XSV) took the first two TQ in 10.5 and I won the third on Saturday evening. I found out that the PSS wasn’t working on the hot conditions so I changed it for the third qualification and the car was a lot easier on bumps.

Sunday morning came the last two rounds and Antoine Brunet (XRAY/Trinity) chose to use his second set of tires and made two TQ. So with 1 and 2 I started 3rd on the grid but I kept a set of new tires for the finals. Steeve Favrelle (XRAY) in 13.5, Jeremy Limoges (XRAY) in Formula One also dominated the qualifications and in Modified it was Loic Jasmin the fastest driver over the five rounds.

The finals were run in hot conditions and I had the advantage of new tires for the first laps. In A1 Michael went out in the third corner so I passed him and on the big acceleration before the straight line I managed to use all the power from my Trinity Monster Horsepower and thanks to my XSV wing I could pass Antoine in the straight line. Thanks to new tires I took a 3 seconds break and then I just had to stay on the track until the end. In A2 it was more complicated as everyone was running used tires. I used the Trinity Sticky fingers tire additive to get more traction on the first laps and it worked! I passed Michael in the inside after the first corner and two laps later I came to the outside and then I was inside for the following corner and I caught the first place. Antoine after 5 laps had the same pace than me so it was up to me to get a gap and then control. 1:30 before the end he hit the curb and rolled over, we had 8 seconds gap from the following driver so I just controlled the race to the finish line! In A3, Michael passed Antoine after some laps as he used fresher tires he was faster and in the last lap Steeve also made a good pass on Antoine.

TC 10.5 Blinky top 10:

  1. Pierre Delorme – XRAY T4
  2. Michael Derderian – XRAY T4
  3. Steeve Favrelle – XRAY T4
  4. Antoine Brunet – XRAY T4
  5. Mathias Rascol – XRAY T4
  6. Aurélien Rivard – XRAY T4
  7. Jeremy Delalondre – XRAY T4
  8. Basile Concialdi – XRAY T4
  9. Yohan Bukowski – XRAY T4
  10. Mickael Tequi – XRAY T4

In 13.5 class, Renaud Brusselles made an impressive A1 and A3 starting from the fourth spot thanks to his Trinity Monster Horsepower and his XSV wing he was the fastest and didn’t make any mistakes. Thanks to the setup I also used (see attached) his car was fast and easy to drive. Congratulations for his first win!

13.5 TC top 10:

  1. Renaud Brusselles – XRAY T4
  2. Steeve Favrelle – XRAY T4
  3. Cédric Gerbert – XRAY T4
  4. Briac Berthoud – XRAY T4
  5. Nicolas Cardoso – XRAY T4
  6. Laurent Desperies – XRAY T4
  7. Julien Jost (Yokomo/PRT/XSV)
  8. Gregory Esteve (HB/PRT)
  9. Sébastien Gibert (N.C./PRT)
  10. Eugene Orer – XRAY T4

In Formula One Jeremy had no luck because I had two DNF in A1 and A2 because of electronic problems. Willy Voisangrin won A1 and Jean Michel took A2, Jeremy who solved his problems won A3.

Formula One Top 10:

  1. Jean Michel Varinard – XRAY T4
  2. Willy Voisangrin – XRAY T4
  3. Denis Lambert – XRAY T4
  4. Ghislain Mantrand – XRAY T4
  5. Frederic Favier – XRAY T4
  6. Jeremy Limoges – XRAY T4
  7. Philippe Pauvert – XRAY T4
  8. Laurent Nigou – XRAY T4
  9. Jean Paul Boissonade – XRAY T4
  10. Philippe Roy (Roche/Trinity)