Dutch Nationals Rd1 report


Race Report by Bart Wubben:

“Sunday would see the first round of the Dutch Nationals at the tight and technical track off HFCC. With the new rule changes for the Nationals, allowing drivers to participate in a single round and not force them to run all races we would see a much better turn-up compared to previous years. With close to 40 drivers it was the best it has been since many years. There is still a long way to go, but the first steps have been made with this better system.

Since the Nationals where at my old local track I decided to participate after an absence of 8 years from the last nationals I did, I signed up for 2 classes.


Qualifiers: Without any practice and a low traction track it proved to be a real challenge to drive fast and keep the car on the track. I managed to get 2 safe runs and put the car on 3rd place for the finals.


For the finals, I decided to do some more setup changes. After removing the rear sway bar, adding more toe-in and going for a Mazda Speed instead of the LTC-r. This would make the car a bit more drivable.

A1. Starting from third, the number 1 and 2 would touch briefly giving me the change to go by. After pushing for 5 laps I already felt the tires were overheating. I drove very careful the reaming laps and it would be enough for the win.

A2: Start was pretty good and was able to follow the leaders. After a few laps I found myself again in first place. But Mitchel would come really close at the end and take second place. With 2x a first place I would sit out A3.

Overall results:

  1. Bart Wubben – XRAY T4
  2. Mitchell van Es
  3. Peter Meurs
  4. Rick van den Akker – XRAY T4
  5. Nicolas Delisé
  6. Sidney Blokker
  7. Daniel Jansma XRAY T4
  8. Giovanni Moguez

Stock 13.5.

Qualifiers: Stock 13.5 was a pretty straight forward affair. Rob Jansen and Robert Krens would battle for the TQ position and I had to settle for third. Car was good but was missing allot of top speed. In the end, it was Robert who took TQ.


For the finals, I changed to a different battery hoping this would give me some more power.

A1 ended pretty fast for me. There was some dirt on the track and my car went off. Robert won the race after a fierce battle with Rob.

A2. Had a pretty solid start, and after Rob and Robert had a little bobble I was able to take the lead. After a few laps it was pretty clear I still didn’t have the speed on the straights. After a pass from Rob on the straight our cars hit briefly and my car was send of in the grass. Managed to drive back to P5. Rob took the win in front of Robert and Sybrand in third.

A3. I had a clean start, was able to stay really close with the leaders waiting for my chance to pass them. Rob would then take Robert out and had to wait. With all this chaos, I got a few hits here and it would send my car in the grass again. This was really bad because I finally found some speed on the straight and even setting the fastest lap of the day.

With this I lost again many places but was able to fight back and took 3rd place in the last lap.

Overall results:

  1. Rob Janssen
  2. Robert Krens
  3. Sybrand de Boer
  4. Bart Wubben  XRAY T4
  5. Richard Arts
  6. Ronald Arts
  7. Stefan Rommens
  8. Fokke Groen   XRAY T4
  9. Xavier Debroye
  10. Jari van de Wal


Jitse Miedema would be the man to beat in the F1 class. He had his XRAY X1 working really well and took all Qualifiers giving him the number 1 spot for the finals.


The finals would again see Jitse winning all finals from start to finish. Martijn van der Heijden would take second place followed by Nick Snieder.

Finals overall:

  1. Jitse Miedema – XRAY/Infinty
  2. Martijn van der Heijden
  3. Nick Snieder
  4. Robert Wolf
  5. Hampy Janssen – XRAY X1
  6. Balk Jeffrey
  7. Randy van den Berg
  8. Axel Kleingeld – XRAY X1
  9. Patricia Wessels