Hellquist & Husman win at Swedish Cup Rd1


The first round of the onroad Swedish Outdoor Cup 2017 took place in the south in Sweden, at the Staffanstorps Raceway. The weather was great and the traction was high. The event ran 1/10th Touring Modified, 1/8th Nitro onroad and 1/10th Nitro 200mm.

In 1/10th Touring Modified the qualification consisted of 3 rounds, where 2 counted in a round by round system. Markus Hellquist secured the TQ ahead of Daniel Carlsson and Fabian Vernersson.

In the finals Markus took 2 straight tone to tone finishes and secured the overall win. Daniel Carlsson did not let go of the second place, and Andreas Johansson rounded up the podium in third.

In 1/8th Nitro onroad Mikael Fransson put up the fastest four-minute qualifying round and locked in his TQ in the finals. Drivers 2-4 went on to battle in a Super Pole elimination, where Lars Haugen made the fastest time and qualified straight to the final as well.

Coming into the final there were quite close between Mikael Fransson, Lars Haugen and Markus Hellquist. The fuel and tire strategy was key to winning, and after all tire stops were made, the top 3 would remain the same for the rest of the race. In the end, Markus Hellquist won the race from the 9th spot on the grid, ahead of Mikael Fransson and Lars Haugen.

In 1/10th Nitro 200mm Nikolaj Hviid took the TQ ahead of Andreas Husman. In the final Andreas Husman would take a lead from the first lap and take the overall victory ahead of Claus Ryeskov in second and Nikolaj Hviid in third.

Touring Modified

  1. Markus Hellquist – XRAY T4
  2. Daniel Carlsson
  3. Andreas Johansson

Nitro 1/8

  1. Markus Hellquist – XRAY RX8
  2. Mikael Fransson
  3. Lars Haugen

Nitro 1/10

  1. Andreas Husman
  2. Claus Ryeskov – XRAY NT1
  3. Nikolaj Hviid