Arrowmax 7.6V 6200mAh Low Profile LiHV TC battery pack


Arrowmax have introduced the 7.6V 6200mAh Low Profile High Voltage version of their popular batteries line-up. The new High-Voltage line up now boost a 7.6V nominal voltage, with a proper charger, the batteries can be safely charge up to 8.7V or 4.35V per cell. Providing more punch and at the same time a more ideal discharge rate, these batteries are best use for un-sanction racing or basher alike. These batteries can still be charge to a normal 8.4V or 4.2V per-cell and still maintain a flatter discharge curve, which means the batteries pack will remain with a better “punch” characteristics at the end of it’s discharge cycle. Come in a standard hard case with “5mm” gold plated plugs to aid lowering internal resistance. Now avaliable in 2S 6200mAh capacity.