XRS Alpe Adria Rd2 report


The second race of XRS Alpe Adria took place at the famous track in Croatia – Mini Autodrom “Ayrton Senna” in Zagreb…that’s why this race was also called Ayrton Senna memorial 2017.
Drivers from 6 different countries participated at the event: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Slovenia…really a nice combination for an Alpe Adria race!

Saturday it was a practice day with nice temperatures for this period of the year. Most of drivers could get in touch with the track conditions and prepare their cars for the race, but the weather forecast for Sunday was very mixed, so cooler temperatures were predicted and the possibility of some small rain showers. That’s why we did some qualification runs already on Saturday evening.

In 1/10 Electric Stock it was Arno Webernig on TQ in front of Patrik Požgaj and Thomas Thaler.

In 1/10 IC Touring it was Stefano Chiarandini on TQ in front of Gabor Laszlo (XRAY NT1) and Fabio Callegari (XRAY NT1).

1/8 GT class was the maiden race for the XRAY GTX8 car and Fabio Callegari (last year’s European Vice-Champion) took it to TQ, second was Tomislav Benč and third Denis Mlivič.

In the fastest category 1/8 IC Track it was Jernej Vuga Štendler (XRAY RX8) on TQ, making also a new track record, second was Herfried Pucher nad third Luka Bušac.

Saturday evening the traditional GRATIS evening partly offered by the local club was very well appreciated…some of us went after it also at an after-party which contributed for some headache next day…but it was funny J.

Sunday the day started with wet track because of the overnight rain, so the schedule was revised. We started at 11.00 with the rest of qualification and the weather was much cooler. Also the track lost all the grip and times were not repeated again. So it stayed as it was on Saturday.

During the lunch break we decided to spray the track again to get some grip back…and it was the right decision.

In 1/10 Electric Touring Stock it was TQ man Arno Webernig taking the win in front of Patrik Požgaj. Third place went to Alojzij Osvald.

  1. Webernig Arno (XRAY T4)
  2. Patrik Pozgaj (XRAY T4)
  3. Alojzij Osvald (XRAY T4/REDS TXX)
  4. Željko Selman (XRAY T4)
  5. Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4/REDS TXX)
  6. Rok Rudl (XRAY T4)
  7. Thomas Thaler (XRAY T4)
  8. Oliver Wauch (XRAY T4)
  9. Kristjan Mikložič (XRAY T4)
  10. Stanislav Kokol (XRAY T4)
  11. Neven Simič (XRAY T4)

In 1/10 IC Touring category the pole sitter Stefano Chiarandini had problems which put him way down the order. The victory went to Gabor Laszlo, second was only 6s down Fabio Callegari and third went to Lovro Šušteršič.

  1. Gabor Laszlo (XRAY NT1)
  2. Fabio Callegari (XRAY NT1/REDS M3WTS/TopRC Fuel)
  3. Lovro Šušteršič (XRAY NT1/ REDS M3WTS)
  4. Stefano Chiarandini
  5. Sašo Kramljak (XRAY NT1/ REDS M3WTS/TopRC Fuel)
  6. Vladimir Knehtl
  7. Bjan Mikložič (TopRC Fuel)

1/8 GT nitro class was dominated by Fabio Callegari and his new XRAY GTX8. He controlled the race and won it with a large margin over Sanjin Svetličič and Tomislav Benč.

  1. Fabio Callegari (XRAY GTX8/REDS R5R GT/TopRC Fuel)
  2. Sanjin Svetličič (REDS R5R GT)
  3. Tomislav Benč (TopRC Fuel)
  4. Aleksandar Žaja (TopRC Fuel)
  5. Denis Mlivič
  6. Robert Jezerčič (TopRC Fuel)
  7. Boris Majec (TopRC Fuel)
  8. Milan Damjanović (TopRC Fuel)
  9. Željko Sarić (TopRC Fuel)

The 1/8 IC Track category was very interesting since beside the TQ driver Jernej, also Herfried Pucher and Nejc Mihelič (who had a lot of bad luck in qualification) had a similar pace. Jernej started well and was starting to pull some gap over Herfried, when on the straight a backmarker hit him and this ended his race after being so convincing during the whole weekend. Herfried than took the lead and in the middle of the race Nejc took the lead till the finish after some problems by Herfried.


  1. Nejc Mihelič
  2. Herfried Pucher
  3. Luka Bušac
  4. Roland Riegler
  5. Hans-Jorg Roschen
  6. Simon Štelcl
  7. Zvonimir Matošić (REDS M7 WCS/TopRC Fuel)
  8. Mihael Galeković
  9. Patrik Pelin (TopRC Fuel)
  10. Jernej Vuga Štendler (XRAY RX8/ REDS M7 WCS/TopRC Fuel)


  1. Stefano Restivo
  2. Gottfried Knapp
  3. Denis Fink (REDS M7 WCS)
  4. Anže Šetina (XRAY RX8/ REDS M7 WCS)
  5. Marko Pristov (REDS M7 WCS)
  6. Goran Vignjevič
  7. Sanjin Svetličič (REDS M7 WCS)
  8. Gerald Stuckler