Kyosho Inferno GT3 Kit


Kyosho have released more details and photos about the Inferno GT3 Kit. This is the next-generation chassis for the Kyosho Inferno GT Series, and it’s based on the design of the World Champion MP9. Like the previous GT2, the chassis length is extended from the buggy version. All of the precision, high-quality parts are from the MP9 including the suspension and gearboxes.

The rugged two-speed transmission is from the GT2, but the center bulkheads and powerful brakes are from the MP9. By using the MP9 suspension design as the foundation for the GT3, it’s not only more refined, but E-clips are eliminated making the GT3 more reliable and easy to maintain. Using the suspension bushing design from the MP9, a broad range of settings are available for the GT3. These easy adjustments will make the chassis more versatile and easier to tune.


  • MP9 race proven chassis.
  • Low profile aluminum shock towers.
  • Big bore shocks with velvet coating.
  • New bumper design.
  • New body mounts : body mounts have wider positions to better support the body, but the inner positions are still included so older bodies can be used. A third, center-mounted front body post is located behind the front shock tower. Due to the large size of GT bodies, this will create much more support and increased down force.
  • Updated fuel tank with spill guards and clean / neat fuel line fixtures.
  • Front and rear universal swing shafts
  • Smaller MP9 diff gear allows lighter and lower C of G.
  • MP9 brake rotor and pads.