Dutch EP On-road Nationals Report


This week-end was the first round of Nomac Dutch National Championship at the HFCC Racing Club track, in Den Haag. hare is the race report from Rob Janssen:

Last weekend we had our first round of Nationals, also for me the first weekend of outdoor racing this year. It was held at the HFCC track in Den Haag, a tight low traction track. They improved the circuit recently with a new top layer on the straight and outer oval which was a very good improvement. Ofcourse this didn’t help with the overall grip which was, especially Saturday morning, not very well.

The first practice runs were very difficult. I know the track a little so that was not the problem. But the low traction and first time on Volante tires on that circuit was a bit of a challenge. Also some glitching on my radio/receiver system made that I made several hard crashes with as result: broken left front arm, broken right front arm, damaged FF suspension block, damage on my front shock tower.

With a spare receiver from Richard the glitches were gone. I took some time to fix the car again and to make sure to go back on track with a good car. This resulted at the end of Saturday with a very good car. Fast and easy. A little to ‘brave’ maybe but I thought that was good to start with to make good 7 minute runs. For sure Sunday would be difficult as some good local drivers attended the race.

Sunday morning was a bit of surprise as in the controlled practice run I found out in one tight right corner the car was doing 360 donuts no matter how I approached the corner.
Lucky enough I saw everybody had that issue in that corner, so it was not me or not my car haha 😉 !

New this year is the round by round system in qualifying with 2 out of 3 to count for the finals positions.

In Q1 the start was a little crazy as I started first but when going into lap 2 the 9 and 10 car were not started yet which resulted in a crazy second lap which costed me a little time. The rest of the run was ok and I was able to make a 2nd position. When taking off the time which costed me the crazy start in lap 2 I would have win that round. But for sure there always is a ‘what if…’ 😉 !

Q2 started not well for me as I rolled over in corner 3. After that I was a little stuck behind Bart Wubben. Eventually it didn’t matter because after 2 minutes I lost power. When checking the car I saw the rear belt came off. Not broken, it just came off.

For Q3 I did tighten the rear belt a little and wend out again. With Robert Krens allready securing TQ and not starting in Q3 I made a 1st spot in round 3. So, with a 1st and a 2nd place, I was going into the finals from grid position 2. My Q3 round was the fastest overall time of the day. But in a round by round that doesn’t matter of course. But always nice to go into the finals with the confidence having the fastest car / overall time.

In final 1, the first corner was a bit scary start as I did get a little hit from behind from Bart Wubben. Lucky enough I could continue straight away keeping second spot. But Robert allready had a bit of a gap to me so I had to fight back. Lap by lap I was getting closer and I found out further in the run my power was more stable and Robert had more drop. I was using the new EZ6600 HV batteries, Robert was running ‘regular’ 7.4v Lipo batteries which I think made the difference further in the run. I for sure had more power from half till end of the run. I was getting close enough to make a move but as Robert was doing good Lines I was not able to pass. I noticed the power difference on the straight so I focused on making a good last corner before hitting the straight. After some laps Robert made a little mistake going onto the straight, I think he did hit the grass a little or something which slowed him down a little. This made it possible for me to put my car next to him on the straight and make a pass. After that I was not able to drive away but held it together till the end and finished 1st.

Final 2 was more difficult as Bart (the third car) had a good start and forced me to drive a defending line. He passed me in lap 3 and drove away a little. Again more in the run I had advantage of my batteries and came back and could pass him. I also came back to Robert but it was to late to make a move. At the last corner before the line I tried to make a final pass but it resulted in a unlucky hit to Robert. I waited for him and let hem pass the line first. So now we both had a 1st and 2nd place finish. It was down to final 3 for the decision.

In final 3 the start again was good and top 3 drove away from the rest of the field. Bart was staying close and it was switching positions between us 3 for the first 2 minutes. Eventually Robert and I drove away from Bart. For some laps Robert and I were driving close, sometimes he drove away a little, the lap after I came close again, etc. As 7 minutes is long I did not tried to make an aggressive move, I was patiently waiting for an opportunity. After like 5 minutes Robert made a small mistake in the same corner as in final 1 so he did not make a good entry to the straight. This combined with more topspeed of my car due to the EZ batteries I was able to again put my car next to him on the straight and outpower him. Also this time I kept it together and finished in front of Robert.

Overall Result:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 2. Robert Krens
A – 3. Sybrand De Boer
A – 4. Bart Wubben
A – 5. Richard Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 6. Ronald Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 7. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 8. Fokke Groen
A – 9. Xavier Debroye
A – 10. Jari Van De Wal
B – 11. Fons Stabel
B – 12. Michel Van Der Velden
B – 13. Ernst Haaksman
B – 14. Tim Van Zelm
B – 15. Nick Nerrings
B – 16. Stéphane Delisé
B – 17. Marco Messer
B – 18. Luc Wauters