LRP FlowX Stock Spec speed controller


LRP have introduced the Flow X speed controller with the new Stock Spec software for all stock classes, whether on – or offroad. The new IDFC (Initial Drive Feel Compensation) feature has been specially developed for Stock-Racing to achieve a smooth initial drive feeling over the entire running time. Thus, the function compensates for the loss of a hotter engine during a run and adjusts the gas characteristic accordingly to ensure a constant drive feel. The new BDX-S brake completes the package for stock drivers.


  • All new power & logic board hardware
  • Customized LRP cooling plates
  • Lowest internal core temperature
  • Black super flexible WorksTeam customized power wires
  • Black 175mm receiver wire
  • Selected hardware components
  • Low profile case design with improved air-flow
  • Easy solder system
  • Dust and waterproof buttons (IP68)
  • v5.1 dedicated StockSpec software for Stock Racing incl. Boost 0
  • Multimode power profile adjustment & new MPS4 protection system
  • 4 different brake types including BDX-S, maximum braking power with increased response for pin-point accuracy when entering tight corners
  • New electronic timing algorithm for smooth and yet extreme power gains
  • Timing delay feature for smoothest throttle control
  • Optimized internal adjustments of the microcontroller parameters for faster response and consistent running
  • Optimized Protection levels with precision temperature readout
  • Tested in hardest race conditions
  • 100% LRP quality approved with sophisticated functional and electrical test incl. drive simulation

Technical data:

  • Cont. Current: 220A
  • Peak Current: up to 1800A
  • Voltage Input: 7.4V (2S)
  • Motor Limit: >2.5T
  • BEC: 6V/6A
  • Software: v5.1
  • Case Size: 33.7×32.6×19.8mm
  • Weight: 44g (excl. wires)
  • Power System: Sensored brushless
  • Driving Function: Forward/Brake
  • Power Wires: WorksTeam 12 AWG black