Yokomo M3/D1 Racing performer rotors


Yokomo have released new optional rotors for Racing Performer motors M3 series and for drift D1. These optional rotors will change performance either higher RPM (7.25mm) or higher torque (5.0mm) in accordance with the drivers preference and racing environment. Moreover, D1 motor has different type of magnet to suits for super higher RPM performance.


Racing performer rotor line up for M3 Series:

  • RP-056 12.5×5.00 5.5/6.5/7.5/8.5T Standard
  • RP-057 12.5×7.25 Touring modified/Offroad
  • RP-058 12.3×5.00 Touring modified/Offroad
  • RP-059 12.3×7.25 4.5/13.5/17.5/21.5T Standard
  • RP-060 12.2×5.00 1/12 Modified touring, Offroad
  • RP-061 12.2×7.25 3.5T Standard
  • RP-062 13.0×5.00 Touring Brinkey/Stock
  • RP-063 13.0×7.25 Touring Brinkey/Stock
  • RP-064 12.0×5.00 Offroad Dirt, 1/12 1 cell brinkly
  • RP-065 12.0×7.25 Offroad Dirt, 1/12 1 cell brinkly

Racing performer rotor line up for D1 series:

  • RP-066 12.0×5.00 Drift high RPM
  • RP-067 12.0×7.25 Drift Ultra high RPM (D1 motor standard)