Swiss on-road National Rd1 report


The first Swiss national of the year was held in Lostallo and the weather forecast was perfect for RC Racing. We ran anti clockwise and mainly for the 1/10 is a little bit more difficult because of a little chicane before the main straight.

Almost every XRAY driver was on his first rollout with the new RX8 and NT1. Especially this year there were some new driver with the RX8. On Friday we worked together to find the right setup and after this long day of testing we found a very good setup. All XRAY drivers were really happy with the setup and the handling.

The biggest problem on this track is the fuel consumption. For Mattia Pesenti it wasn’t a problem and he could reach the 2nd place behind the former World Champion Simon Kurzbuch. Good result also for the new XRAY teammate Michael Henzi on the 10th spot. This year we introduced the SuperPole – the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will run 5mins together and it counts he 3 consecutive fastest laps. During the SuperPole Silvio Haechler and Mattia Pesenti were fighting for the place in the A-Main but Silvio won it with 0.160sec gap.

In 1/10th very strong performance of Traugott Schär but unfortunately he couldn’t reach the TQ. During the SuperPole, with 4 XRAY cars, Traugott set 3 super fast laps and so he could reach Maurice Lüscher in the A-Main. Schäfer, Fankhauser and Santos completed the first 5 places.

On sunday all the XRAY drivers were ready for this sunny and final day.

In the first semifinal was Michael Schäfer with his NT1 2017 setting the pace and he won the semifinal in front of Philipp Bühler (XRAY) and Xavier Delay. The second semifinal was faster, Nuno Santos won it in front of Fankhauser (XRAY) and Yuri Bognuda. But due to the fact that it was a faster semifinal, the first 5 drivers could reach the final and only 3 from the other semifinal. So also Kevin Lehnherr with XRAY was in the A-Main.

The A-Main started really well for the XRAY drivers with Traugott Schär chasing Lüscher from the first corner, they had a strong battle during the whole final but at the end Lüscher had some issue of tires consumption so Traugott could win this beautiful final. Also Fankhauser and Schäfer had a very strong battle for the 3rd spot but at the end Schäfer did a mistake and Fankhauser could secure his 3rd place.

In the 1/8th, the first semifinal was won by Luca Martinelli followed by a very fast Michael Henzi on his first race with the RX8. In the second semifinal Mattia Pesenti started really fast and he lead the semifinal without problems until 3minutes to the end. Unfortunately he had an issue with a ball bearing and he had to stop. Martin Wenger and Thomas Henzi with RX8 were very fast too but they had some engine and fuel problems so they couldn’t reach the final. In this semifinal only Nydegger, Köhl and Wicki pass to the main final. The first semifinal was a bit faster and so also Raso, Roider and Ali passed.

We could have 4 RX8 in the final but only Henzi Michael reached the final. The final started with the very fast Simon Kurzbuch on the lead until the end. Hächler, Martinelli and Henzi were fighting for the podium, but Hächler had a radio problem and he stopped. So were just Henzi with his super fast RX8 and Martinelli fighting for the 2nd place the whole final. Unfortunately for Martinelli, in the last 5 mins he had some engine problem and so Henzi Michael could secure his RX8 2017 on the 2nd spot. Raphael Roider completed the podium with a great performance.

We are really happy for the performances of the new NT1 and RX8 and we are really looking forward to the second round of Swiss National in Aigle in 3 weeks.

1/10 Nitro Touring

  1. Traugott Schär XRAY NT1
  2. Maurice Lüscher SHEPHERD
  3. Patrick Fankhauser XRAY NT1
  4. Michael Schäfer XRAY NT1
  5. Yuri Bognuda Capricorn
  6. Dominik Mucnjak
  7. Kevin Lehnherr XRAY NT1
  8. Philipp Bühler XRAY NT1
  9. Xavier Delay HB R10
  10. Nuno Santos XRAY NT1

1/8 Nitro

  1. Simon Kurzbuch SHEPHERD
  2. Michael Henzi XRAY RX8
  3. Raphael Roider ARC
  4. Luca Martinelli ARC
  5. Renato Ali ARC
  6. Manuela Raso 977 Viper Evo2
  7. Silvio Hächler ARC
  8. Stefan Köhl SHEPHERD
  9. Raphael Wicki Serpent 977 Viper Evo2
  10. Jürg Nydegger SHEPHERD
  11. Mattia Pesenti XRAY RX8
  12. Christophe Pethoud ARC
  13. Thomas Henzi XRAY RX8
  14. Andrea Hächler ARC
  15. Martin Wenger XRAY RX8