IGT8 2017 1/8 nitro GT car kit


IGT8 have introduced the 2017 version of the IGT8 1/8 nitro GT car kit. Among the new features the IGT8 has a .8 transmission, new V2 clutch bell, new harder plastic suspension arms and new shock towers and extensions front and rear.

  • The .8 transmission:

The .8 transmission improving not only acceleration but being a bullet proof transmission with very little maintenance which seems to be a common problem for most GT cars. This upgraded transmission also remains more consistent during the long runs and is 50 grams lighter than the previous one.

  • V2 clutch bell:

The new V2 clutch material and design is specifically made to work with our aluminum shoes providing a more suitable clutch engagement while still being able to be adjusted with the 3 tension spring positions.

  • Harder plastic suspension arms:

After improving the harder plastic suspension arms in the IGT8 Red we have now taken it a step further. A solid arm now has less flex to increase response of the car.

  • Shock towers and extensions front and rear:

IGT8 have changed the front and rear suspension geometry to have less roll and more traction. With the feedback from the team drivers around the world and factory driver Paolo Morganti IGT8 have optimized the suspension geometry of the car to provide more traction while keeping the great corner speed that characterizes their car. This change has also improved tyre wear and reduced tyre temperatures.