French Nationals Rd2 report


Last weekend was held the second round of the French Nationals in Lentilly, near Lyon with almost 80 drivers were there in 4 different classes : TC Modified, TC 10.5 Blinky, TC 13.5 Blinky and Formula. In TC Modified, despite complicated debuts in qualifying, Alexandre Duchet took the TQ by wining Q4 and Q5. In A1 Loic kept a new set of tyres and took an easy win. In A2 Alex Duchet managed to protect his first place from Loic Jasmin. In A3 Alex had no more tyres so he tried to mixed the rear tires (less used than the front ones) from his two set of controlled tyres but it didn’t worked as expected. So Loic Jasmin took the win in front of Alex and Rémi Callens rounded out the top3.

Modified Ranking:

  1. Loic Jasmin (Yokomo)
  2. Alex Duchet (XRAY)
  3. Remi Callens (XRAY)
  4. Alex Laurent (XRAY)
  5. Cyril N’Diaye (Awesomatix)
  6. Jérémy Limoges (XRAY)
  7. Manu Wagner (XRAY)
  8. Maxime Favrelle (XRAY)
  9. Thomas Vigneron (TM)
  10. Mika Jasmin (XRAY)

In 10.5, Jean and Pierre Delorme sweep the qualifying rounds and in the end it was Pierre who took the overall TQ from Jean. For the final Pierre managed to keep a new set of tyres which was a good advantage for the start of A1. In A1 and A2 Pierre and Jean managed to have a gap with the third place as fast as possible to then control the race and don’t make any mistake. Pierre took the win in A1 and A2 which gave him the overall win, Jean took the win in A3 and so the second place and Alex Kunkler finished in third.

10.5 Blinky Ranking:

  1. Pierre Delorme (XRAY/TRINITY/XSV)
  2. Jean Delorme (XRAY/TRINITY/XSV)
  3. Alex Kunkler (Yokomo/Orca)
  4. Steve Favrelle (XRAY/PRT)
  5. Mathias Rascol (XRAY/R1 Wurks)
  6. Romain Delaunay (XRAY/PRT)
  7. Yoann Bukowski (Schumacher/PRT)
  8. Aurélien Rivard (Schumacher/PRT)
  9. Sébastien Nardeux (XRAY/PRT)
  10. Jérémy Delalondre (Schumacher/PRT)

In 13.5 class Steve Favrelle took the TQ in front of Fabien Valentin and Julien Jost. Steve took easy win in A1 and A2 and keept some suspension for A3 to know who will be on the podium. A3 was a very tight race between Julien Jost, Fabien and Briac Berthoud. Briac did an amazing overtake on Fabien and won A3 which gave him the second place overall.

13.5 Blinky Ranking:

  1. Steve Favrelle (XRAY/PRT)
  2. Briac Berthoud (XRAY/RC Concept)
  3. Julien Jost (Yokomo/PRT)
  4. Fabien Valentin (XRAY/N/A)
  5. Nico Cardoso (XRAY/LRP)
  6. Cédric Gerbert (XRAY/LRP)
  7. Renaud Brusselle (XRAY/TRINITY)
  8. Laurent Desperies (XRAY/RC Concept)
  9. Gibert Sébastien (N/A)
  10. Widy Gimard (N/A)

In Formula one, it was very tight between Jeremy Limoges and Willy Voisangrin for the TQ but Jérémy was the fastest. Jérémy took an easy win in A1 in front of Willy but in A2 Jérémy was running out of tires and had a difficult car to drive in the low grip conditions so Willy took the win as Jérémy made a mistake. In A3 Jérémy was leading the race when after 2 minutes he just went unlucky as his motor screws got loose so it was over for him and Willy took the win.

Formula One Ranking:

  1. Willy Voisangrin (XRAY/TRINITY)
  2. Jérémy Limoges (XRAY/TRINITY)
  3. Jean Michel Varinard (XRAY/TRINITY)
  4. Gislain Mantrand (XRAY/TRINITY)
  5. Lambert Denis (XRAY/N/A)
  6. Frédéric Favier (XRAY/TRINITY)
  7. Philippe Roy (Roche/PRT)
  8. Jean Paul Boissonnade (XRAY/N/A)
  9. Philippe Pauvert (XRAY/PRT)
  10. Olivier Jourdan (N/A)