Alex Thurston wins 1/10 BRCA National Rd1


Last weekend was held the 1st round of the British 1/10 Championship at the Cotswolds circuit. In the final Alex Thurston was in a comfortable 3rd place until the leader who was Mark green at the time had a crash which cost him some time and put him behind him. That was where their race battle started, they were fighting for a long time back and forth making overtakes sometimes 3 or 4 times per lap. Meanwhile while both drivers were battling for 2nd place the race leader had an incident this then put them fighting for the lead. After the last pit stop Mark came out behind Alex. He went inside, outside, hard into the corner, slow into the corner but Alex had him covered off. With just a few minutes remaining Mark tried to overtake but hit a kerb and went off track with left me an easy coast to the end of the race where Alex would take the win some 8-9 seconds up the road from Mark and his teammate John Zottl completed the podium in third.