AOC Shanghai Rd1 reports


Race report by Jan Ratheisky:

Last weekend I was racing at the first round of the AOC in Shanghai/China at the very famous track of Rick Rang which calls RCIV2. Like some peoples know me already, all the time I want to have the max possible track time and fun while driving. While already running 4 classes last year I got the idea to beat myself and try to run 6 classes at this event. This race directly after the ETS Madrid so I decided to build my more or less basic carpet setup in each car. Luckily all cars works very well so I could focus on small details and electronic setups for that event.

Qualification Results:

  • TQ – 1/12 Stock
  • TQ – TC 13.5 Blinki
  • TQ – TC 13.5 Boosted
  • 2nd – F1
  • 5th – 1/12 mod
  • BQ (10) – TC mod


It is not that much to comment this time. I was able to win the first 2 finals in 1/12 stock, TC blinki and TC boosted which allows me to win 3 classes at this event. Yea ! 😉

In F1 I wasn’t able to follow Toto this event. Struggle a lot with the tires and couldn’t find a working setup this year. I will come back that for sure.

1:12 modified went pretty good as well. As a driver who take care of my budget I was happy to run the used tires of my teammate Alex this event. Badly the track doesn’t allow small tires to work that good so I tried my best and ended in 5th place.

TC modified didn’t go so well for me. Struggle all the race to find traction I badly found out after the race that it was just the set of tires which looks like something doesn’t work good. I was faster directly after changing to my other classes set of tires after the event. Still happy to win the B-main which gives me a spot in the A main in 6 classes.

Race report by Alexander Hagberg:

The first round of the increasingly popular AOC series was held at the great indoor facilities of RCI V2 in Shanghai, China. More than 110 entries joined the event in 7 different classes. Top drivers from Asia and Europe alike would fight for the win. XRAY was present with myself, Jan Ratheisky, JJ Wang, along with many other strong drivers, mainly from Asia!

In Modified TC, I managed to qualify 2nd. The FTD, or “rocket round” qualifying system that was in use, made the qualifying a bit unpredictable, as nobody knew how the track conditions would change. In the end, it turned out to be the morning round on Sunday (Q3) that would serve as the rocket round. I was slightly off the pace to take 2nd on the grid, with my team mate from Sweden, Markus Hellquist, qualifying 4th, probably putting down his best performance so far in his career! He was blistering fast with his XRAY T4’17 around the RCI V2 circuit! JJ Wang would put his car 5th on the grid. JJ flew in from the US, to arrive at the track only late on Friday night!

The first two finals were a little static, with myself holding on to 2nd place, unable to do any closer attack on the leader. A3 didn’t go to plan, as jumped a curbing in the infield, and unfortunately got hit from behind by another driver, causing my body to tuck. The final was ruined for me, and it cost me 2nd place overall, as I was demoted to 3rd. Markus would finish 5th, and JJ had lots of bad luck, and could only manage 9th overall in the end! The “ironman” Jan Ratheisky, bumped up from the B-main, to finish 10th overall in stacked modified A-final field!

The super fast open modified 1/12 category was joined by some quick Japanese drivers, that were practicing super hard all week. I struggled at first to get up to speed in these rather different track conditions. Once I got my X12’17 dialed in at the end of qualifying, I was fortunate enough to put down a perfect run in Q3, to put my car on pole position on Sunday morning! I was really looking forward to close racing in the finals.

A1 didn’t go exactly to plan, as I had a mistake in the early stages, which made me chunk a tire. I never got back to speed, and had to settle for 2nd in A1. A2 went a lot better as I had a perfect run, and led the final from start to finish, bringing the race to the deciding A3. Unfortunately I ran out of rear traction in the middle of the run which made my car hard to drive, and I couldn’t defend my lead. In the end this meant I would finish 2nd overall. A bit disappointing considering the pace I had, but I learnt a lot about the track conditions, and was happy to showcase the speed of my car.

Modified TC results:

  1. Akio Sobue
  2. Naoto Matsukura
  3. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4’17
  4. Jin Sawada
  5. Markus Hellquist – XRAY T4’17
  6. Viktor Wilck
  7. Shin Sawada
  8. Andy Moore
  9. JJ Wang – XRAY T4’17
  10. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4’17

1/12 Modified results:

  1. Toto Ebukuro
  2. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
  3. Toshi Yanagisawa
  4. Yoshi Yanagisawa
  5. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY X12’17
  6. Tao Jun
  7. Yu Ka Chun
  8. Martin Skarin