Belgian Nationals Rd1 reports


The first round of Belgian National was held this week-end at Vosselaar, on the carpet track of the GTM RC Club. here is the race report from Team Magic driver Stefan Rommens and Pasquinel Neys:

“In the first qualification, I started in the first position, all went well until the fourteenth round when my car made a tumbling and I became third behind Vincent who finished first and Florian second. During the other qualification rounds I also ended on the third place. So, I had to start the finals on this place.

Final 1: I started the race on the third position but Vincent and Florian were faster so I kept riding on the this position and finished third after Vincent and Florian.

Final 2: Vincent drove away and Florin and me have been able to pass him… but, due to of a piece of tape on the circuit, my car slipped and tumbled, but I got my car back on track and could stay on third place, behind Vincent and Florian again.

Final3: In the last final I had to start second because as Vincent already won the race and didn’t started the third final. Florian and I took the lead of the race and finished on this order. This time my car was really good to drive.”

Race report from Pasquinel Neys:

“Today the first round of the Belgian Nationals was held at the very technical track of GTM RC. I qualified 4th in the stock category and finished 4th after some intense racing . My TM car made good progress during the weekend and the handling was superb. Congrats to my team mate Stefan Rommens for taking third place.”

Overall Results Stock Category:

A – 1. Vincent Van Gansen
A – 2. Florian Joos
A – 3. Stefan Rommens – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 4. Pasquinel Neys – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 5. Tokke Adams
A – 6. Christophe Charlier
A – 7. Sonny Vandenborre
A – 8. Mathias Van Laere
A – 9. Christophe Libeer – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 10. Sergio Prodi
B – 11. Stef Verbist
B – 12. Stuart Gates
B – 13. Sylvain Brunet

Overall Results Modified Category:

A – 1. Mitchell Van Es
A – 2. Athan De Witte
A – 3. Nicolas Delisé
A – 4. Rico Claeys
A – 5. Steve Lambrechts
A – 6. Thomas Stockman
A – 7. Robby Engelen
A – 8. Dimitri De Baeker
A – 9. Liam Van De Wouwer
A – 10. Géry Ledocq
B – 11. Pascal Delferiere
B – 12. Eric Denolf
B – 13. Kevin Van Merode

In Roockie Category, the young Alexander Van Gansen wins the race in front of veterans Herman Van Gansen and Rony Claeys.

Overall Results Rookie Category:

A – 1. Alexander Van Gansen
A – 2. Herman Van Gansen
A – 3. Rony Claeys
A – 4. Luc Wauters
A – 5. Marc Joosens
A – 6. Thomas Roosen

In Formula 1 Category, Florian Joos finished on frist place, in front of Nicolas Delisé and Bjorn Frederickx.

Overall Results Formula 1 Category:

A – 1. Florian Joos
A – 2. Nicolas Delisé
A – 3. Bjorn Frederickx
A – 4. Karl Van Camp
A – 5. Frans Engelen
A – 6. Jannick Rommens
A – 7. Kris Vanbleu