BRCA 1/8 On-Road Nats report


Race report from Serpent’s Alex Thurston:

April 1st and 2nd was the weekend of the 1st BRCA 1/8th national championship round at the beautiful Cotswolds circuit situated on Kemble airfield. Saturday morning the track was damp in areas so I choose not to go out until it dried out, it did and I managed to get in a quick run to see how my new 977e Evo2 would handle. Straight away all serpent drivers came to me and said they are really happy with there new cars, the amount of grip they have over the last car is a great improvement and lot more steering without the car losing rear traction. I chose to make a few changes to my car mainly electronics wise but I changed the front shock oil and downstops to cater for the massively undulated Cotswolds circuit. While I was making these changes the weather took a turn for the worst and it hammered down. The rain was that bad that a few drivers went out to test there wet cars. All cars were using kissling tyres!!!

The hard part to get over was that the track dried up really fast taking around 50minutes to 1 hour from using kissling tyres to dry tyres! The sun came out all clouds went away and everyone could resume with practice! The changes made a massive difference and my car was really good. Easy to drive and consistent. All serpent drivers in the electric class were satisfied with there cars regardless of driver ability so that’s as much as I could ask for!

Sunday morning and the track had the odd damp patch on it due to a sprinkle of rain during the night, practice came round I chose to sit out of it as my car was good and I wasn’t going to achieve anything so I chose to check my car, watch and advise serpent electric drivers and true tyres to cover qualifying and the finals. My car was great on both new and old tyres! Qualifying was really good with myself taking TQ. 7 serpent drivers qualified to the main out of a possible 10!

The final result ended

  1. TQ-Win Alex Thurston -Serpent Evo2 977e
  2. Joe Hawnt – Serpent Evo2 977e
  3. Franck Dambrine
  4. David Gerrard- Serpent Evo2 977e
  5. Craig Woods- Serpent Evo2 977e
  6. Jamie Paton- Serpent Evo2 977e
  7. Pete Hastings
  8. Paul Bellinger- Serpent Evo2 977e
  9. Ian Billett- Serpent Evo2 977e
  10. Kieran Adamson