Jokerteam 2017 GT12 Championship Rd1 report


The 13th year of the Jokerteam Championship got finally underway, with round 1 taking place on the traditional asphalt track in Bolzano (Italy) in perfect weather conditions with the increasingly popular GT12 class on display. The track delivered immediately a very good level of grip, thanks to the “sugaring” process implemented on the day before the race.

Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) begun from where he finished last year, with TQs in both Q1 and Q2, with the latter driven at a blistering pace and thus securing the overall TQ for the afternoon’s A-mains. Not far behind, Johnny Orsolin (Jokerteam) showed a relentless pace which was good for a TQ in Q3 and an overall P2 on the finals’ grid. Completing the top three qualifiers, Claudio Giovanelli (Jokerteam) pushed his Atom CC at a consistant pace and an overall trouble-free performance to the third spot on the grid.

Mattia’s dominance became more crushing during the finals with a clean sweep, winning every one of the three A-mains and thus securing round 1 of the Championship and the 150 points assigned to the winner. Johnny’s pace got more and more consistant as the day unfolded, allowing him an undisturbed P2 on the podium. A very close fight for the lower step of the podium saw Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam) come out on top for the smallest of the margins as the fight with Lorenzo Crepaldi (Jokerteam) went down to the very last corner, after having swapped positions several times during the three A-mains.

Round 1 Result (top 3):
1. Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – Atom CC
2. Johnny Orsolin (Jokerteam) – Supastox GT
3. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam) – Atom CC

Overall standing (top 3):

Mattia Dall’Oca (Team Schumacher) – 150 points
2. Johnny Orsolin (Jokerteam) – 149 points
3. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam) – 148 points

Coming up next, Round 2, on April 23rd.

Thanks to Alessandro Giubbilei for the report (