Hagberg & Honigl crowned 1/12th European Champions


Alexander Hagberg and Hupo Honigl both retained their 12th scale European championships here in Sittard after an intense 3 days of racing. In the Modified class, which was running to 6.5 Turn Blinky Brushless Rules for the first time, it was a business as usual for Alexander as the Swede took his 4th successive championship with his Xray Chassis. Backing up his wins in Italy and Slovakia (twice) Hagberg was imperious winning all five rounds of qualifying and then today winning the first two legs of the “A” final for a perfect weekend. Behind Alex teammate Hupo Honigl took second after a 3-leg battle with CRCs Markus Mobers was only decided at the end of the final leg.

The full Modified Class result is:

  1. Alexander Hagberg 2 Points SWE
  2. Hubert Hönigl 3 AUT
  3. Markus Mobers 5 DEU
  4. Juho Levänen 7 FIN
  5. Daniel Sieber 8 DEU
  6. Dominic Vogl 9 AUT
  7. Lucas Urbain 13 FRA
  8. Alexander Andersson 14 SWE
  9. Ollie Payne 14 GBR
  10. Adam catchpole 19 GBR

The Stock class also saw a repeat winner, this time it was Austria’s Hupo Honigl who claimed his 3rd successive Stock (13.5 Turn Blinky) championship. The 3 legs of the final saw fantastic racing between Hupo and Germany’s Markus Mobers with Markus taking the win in the last leg with a pass literally on the line! Hupo came back to claim leg 2, before the final leg saw a titanic battle with both men leading before Hupo just managed to close it out and claim the championship.

The full Stock Class result is

  1. Hupo Hönigl 2 Points AUT
  2. Markus Mobers 3 DEU
  3. Alexander Andersson 8 SWE
  4. Vesa Yli 8 FIN
  5. Adam catchpole 8 GBR
  6. Olivier Bultynck 10 BEL
  7. Ollie Payne 13 GBR
  8. Tim Altmann 13 DEU
  9. Mathieu Briere 15 FRA
  10. Martin Wilfinger 16 DEU

A great performance across the weekend brought Britain’s Ollie Payne the reward of the European Junior Champion in both classes!