Nikos Georgiadis joins XRAY


XRAY have announced that the multiple Greek national champion Nikos Georgiadis will join the XRAY factory team for the 2017 season. Nikos has been a long time XRAY private driver and has achieved multiple national wins and based on this great work and results Niko will for 2017 season be part of the factory team. Nikos is focused on 1/10 on-road racing and will race at all the major national and international races with the T4 and X1 platforms. Nikos says:

“I have only the best experience with XRAY as a private driver and thanks to the performance and reliability I was able to achieve all my current wins and victories. Signing my contract as an XRAY factory driver is an excellent moment in my racing career that will hopefully boost my experience and knowledge further. I will continue to share the knowledge and experience with local RC drivers and will continue to support this sport. Big thanks to XRAY for this opportunity and a new challenge for me to be part of a truly high-end international RCcar racing family and the best team on planet. I’m looking forward to the 2017 season with XRAY.”