MRC Vianen Cup Rd5 reports


Round 5 of MRC Vianen Cup in Netherlands. Rob Janssen wins again and confirmed his overall title already obtained during the 4th round earlier in March. Here are the race reports from Rob Janssen and Richard Arts:

“I finished the last race of the indoor season last weekend in style, with a win 😉 ! It was the fifth and also last round of the MRC Vianen indoor series. The only real serious indoor competition we have here in the Netherlands. Again the car was great and also was the atmosphere at and around the track. The organizing club did an amazing job. Before the weekend I prepared my second car to try again for Ronald Arts. He wanted to try and test again a day with the TM car. So we started the weekend with 3 TM car’s.

After qualifying it was me on top of the board, with Ronald on spot 3 and Richard on spot 6. All thee finals were an easy win for me with a big gap to the number 2 Robert Krens. At the end Richard came in third and Ronald on 4. With this in mind the final standings of the indoor season were made. I did win the indoor cup with winning all attended races. Richard made it to third spot.

Race reports from Richard Arts:

The qualifications started rough for me. I couldn’t get a feel for the car and was missing consistency in the corners. This resulted in a 6th place on the A-main grid. After thoroughly checking the car for any binding suspension parts, all I could conclude it must have been the tire treatment. Starting near the back of the 8 car grid, I knew there would be “heavy traffic” in the first couple of laps.

In the first final I rolled the car early on, and had to rejoin half a lap behind 7th place. The car actually felt much better with changed additive, and in combination with the EZ-Power HV battery I borrowed from Rob, I could quickly catch-up. Unfortunately I could not get passed despite a faster pace.

Second final I was lucky to avoid the start crash. Quickly I was in 3rd place, and could stay relatively close to 2nd spot. In the last minute Robert rolled his car and got stuck on top of the barrier. This meant I could pass him and finish 2nd.

The last final again had a start crash which I could go around. Moving into 4th place, I was slowly catching up with Ronald in 3rd, however not quick enough. It was very close in the last 2 minutes, but never close enough to make a move, finishing 4th.

Very happy with the close racing in the finals and 3rd place overall. The car was doing great again as usual and I’m impressed with the EZ-Power battery for consistent punch during the 7 minute races. As this was the last race of the MRC-cup series, the overall result was announced. I finished 3rd overall, behind Rob and Robert. Thanks to the MCR-crew and the other volunteers, we could enjoy a great indoor season.

Overall Results:

A – 1. Rob Janssen – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 2. Robert Krens
A – 3. Richard Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 4. Ronald Arts – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
A – 5. Dave Lunenburg
A – 6. Michel Van Der Velden
A – 7. Jan Kraanen
A – 8. Eric Bresser
B – 9. Nico Beijerbacht
B – 10. Axel Kleingeld
B – 11. Bert Geurts
B – 12. Johannes Voerman
B – 13. Marco Van Leeuwen
B – 14. Jeroen De Bont