Capricorn TE-03 EVO “Power Light kit”


Capricorn RC have released an update kit for their TE-03 EVO electric touring car called “Power Light kit”. The kit is made of the following parts:

V4 shock bodies and shock towers: The shocks cases are shorter, but thanks to the use of a single o-ring together with the new teflon bushings (CAP-185905) the extension travel has been increased. The shorter shocks are meant to be used with the new lower shock towers.

New chassis: the new chassis allowes for the use of the brackets mentioned in the next point and the new “slim” motor mount without losing the chance to use the traditional motor mount.

New bulkheads brackets: the new brackets give the options to bind the bulkheads and the suspension mounts to the chassis, for an increased stiffness.

New “slim” motor mount: the new motor mount moves the motor 6mm towards the centre of the car making it also sit 1mm lower on the chassis, for an improved centre of gravity. the centre axle mount is also now in two pieces in order to increase the flex in the centre section of the chassis.

New upper deck: The new upper deck allows for the use of the “Slim” motor mount leaving room for the motor. Despite being slightly asymmetrical, it is designed to have a perfect linear response in both the right and left flex.