XRS Tour Italy Rd1 reports


Race report by Alessio Menicucci (Mod class)

XRS Tour Italy started on last Sunday. It was born from the successful. XRS events rules and provides three rounds. First round took place in Casoria (Naples) on the hospitable and funny Minirace track. Around 60 drivers secured their entry for this event, joining in diffetent classes: 1/12 Pan Car, Formula, 13.5 Stock Class, 13.5 Team Drivers and Modified.

Modified Class

Qualifications: My car was awesome for the whole weekend, easy to drive and fast in the same time. It allowed me to be TQ in front of Alessio Mancini and Nicola Marrone.

Finals: In the finals I was able to defend my Pole Position and I won all three finals. Nicola Marrone was 2nd after a tight and fair fight with Alessio Mancini 3rd.

  1. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4
  2. Alessio Mancini
  3. Nicola Marrone

Race report By Nico Catelani (Stock Pro class)

First round XRS Tour Italy locality Casoria at the beautiful indoor track with asphalt surface. Very technical and difficult track with a great grip, really nice. On Saturday free practice day it was hard to find right set up with high grip and super-fast hairpin. Car was rolling and was difficult to drive. Saturday evening we found a good compromise with rear graphite upright which made the car safely maintaining correct steering and importantly: no rolling anymore! On Sunday morning began the qualifications. In the first two qualifying I was a bit in trouble. In last qualifying with the right setup I was able to make the TQ. In the end I managed to always take a little advantage in the early stages of the race to be able to win. Really good race with super-fast local drivers and above all an excellent hospitality from the track operators.

  1. Nico Catelani – XRAY T4
  2. Biagio Esposito
  3. Alessio Valentini

Stock class

The XRS tour follow rules of XRS racing with Hudy additive and XRS HW motors. This was the most popular class where we find all driver with same performance and speed, so the difference was 100% on set up and driving style. Of course local people have advantage but after the race we discover new talents and young fast driver. The race was won by Angelo del prete followed by Mario Piermatteo and Carlo Iovino.

  1. Angelo del Prete – XRAY T4
  2. Mario Piermatteo
  3. Carlo Iovino – XRAY T4


High competitive class with Maciocchi and his X1-2017 winning after hard battle with Matteo Berlincioni and Alessandro Marinucci. Berlincioni start from TQ but Manciocchi won 1st final with Berlincioni. 2nd final Berlincioni won with Manciocchi finishing in 2nd. Third final was thriller: at the start Brlincioni almost span at hairpin with Manciocchi touching him (F1 class don’t have a lot of braking power). Another driver crashed into Berlincioni and he could not recover into the race. So easy victoy with no battle for 3rd final with 2 X1 on the podium

  1. Alessandro Manciocchi – XRAY X1
  2. Matteo Berlincioni
  3. Alessandro Marinucci – XRAY X1