Yokomo YRX12 Aluminum Main Chassis & Rear Brace


Yokomo have introduced two new parts for the YRX12 in the form of an aluminum main chassis and rear brace. Both optional parts are made from 2.0mm thick high quality aluminium.
These perform more stable drive on any type of surface conditions such as high grip surface, and prevent from the high side. Milling has applied for the main chassis for best balance for role and pitching, especially reducing too much steering response at high grip surface in order to keep ease on drive as well as better rap time for each drivers. Even at the high speed drive at the tricky track layout, the car is going to be very stable and possible to achieve very consistent lap time.

“Yokomo factory driver Toto Ebukuro used this new products at Snowbird Nationals in USA on last February and shown it’s superior performance by his perfect win, all top time in qualification, TQ and win.” – Yokomo.

Available at the end of March.