Bowie Ginting wins at Indonesian EP Nats Rd1


The first round of Indonesian EP National Championship was held at Giant Arena, Banjarmasin, Borneo Island. An attractive huge and technical layout attracted a total of 65 drivers who competed in 1/10 Modified and FWD class.

1/10 Modified Class

In Q1 Christian Mamesah took the first qualifier TQ, scored a solid 16 laps @ 5.07 ahead of recent national champion, Suwardi Suliandy. In Q2 Bowie Ginting broke the 17 laps barrier after a diff problem in Q1, Chandra Yosef being the closest one, 12 secs back, while Christian had to retired due to broken front shaft. In Q3 Ginting sealed the TQ spot by made a 17 laps @ 5.12. Muhammad Izzah took 2nd, 5 secs behind and Christian just narrowly missed the 17 laps by 1 second.

A Main 1: Traction went at its highest and Ginting could made a new lap record and he took a win, 14 seconds ahead Chandra and Christian.
A Main 2: The rain poured during D main, which pushed to wait and clean the track about 2 hours. Leg 2 underway in 70% grip, laptime went 2 secs slower than normal condition. In this conditions Ginting sealed the overall win by winning the 2nd leg, a lap over Rizki Azhari and Suwardi
A Main 3: Ginting decided to run for another setup. Again, he released from the field while both of Serpent racers, Arya Seta and Christian fought it up for 2nd place. Ginting took 3rd leg, a lap ahead Arya and Christian who swap each position at the final lap.

1/10 Modified Result:

  1. Bowie Ginting – Serpent/Hobbywing
  2. Christian Mamesah – Serpent/Hobbywing
  3. Rizki Azhari – Team C/Hobbywing
  4. Chandra Yosef – Awesomatix/LRP
  5. Arya Seta – Serpent/Hobbywing
  6. Ade Jatmiko – Xray/Hobbywing
  7. Suwardi Suliandy – Xray/Orca
  8. Phoa Ping Hong – Xray/Hobbywing
  9. Ivan Hartono – Yokomo/Hobbywing
  10. Robert Hendrawan – Xray/Orca