CTS Rd2 report


Round 2 of the CTS was held at RoadRunners RC Club in Camarillo Ca this past weekend hosting 100 entries. In the end, it was the same winners from round 1 who were victorious.

In the Modified division, it was Team AE driver Rick Hohwart who came out on top with TQ honors followed by Eric Albano Yokomo then EJ Evans TOP Racing. The veteran in pursuit for the “Hat Trick” as he leads the series going to the third round at Tamiya USA in Aliso Viejo Ca in April.

In the 17.5 Spec division, local favorite Duy Khuong laid the gauntlet in qualifying with a TQ and a hard earned victory in the Main as he battled Lee Passehl making the last pass to the finish line followed by AE driver Brian Bosley while repeating the same performance in USGT with Juan Avetia in 2nd followed by Brian Bosley in 3rd. Khuong also in pursuit for the “Hat Trick” in both classes as he prepares for round 3.

For the F1 division, it was TOP driver EJ Evans with TQ honors and the win from tone to tone. In the main Evans had lapped the field making noise for the NORCALians as he takes home another perfect run also looking forward to the “Hat Trick”.