X Aniversary Edition Copa del Pacifico report


This past week team RcTarget traveled to Lima, Peru to race at the annual Pacific Cup. We ran the all-new IGT8 1/8th GT On road car. The Lima track is an excellent undulating road course with many high-speed corners and plenty of chances for high-speed clashes. This week Alfonso Lino brought a team of US drivers Paolo Morganti and Rafael Angulo along with Peruvian past champion Fabrizio Martello and current champion Lizardo De Las Casas. The race was a mix of IGT8 and Serpent Gt cars with one or two Mugen and HB Racing cars.

It was a battle to qualify as three qualify direct into the main directly and all others had to race through quarters and semifinals. Paolo drove his car to a flawless TQ run with his IGT8 car to grab the only 21-lap run as Fabrizio and Rafael and managed 20 laps in 5:00. Team RC target had a good pace with the IGT8 nabbing 6 out of 10 positions in the final. The race began with lots of fighting back and forth with Paolo and Fabrizio as Rafael followed in tow. The cars were running extra firm tires, the asphalt heat was very high, and tires became like chewing gum. Paolo started to pull away abut with Fabrizio falling back a bit and Rafael falling a bit farther back. At the 30 min mark, Rafael changed front tires as the others chose harder compounds. Rafael had motor issues as his clutch started to get heavy and stalled a few times leaving the pits leaving him out of the podium possibilities. Paolo had a lead of half a track when his car stalled giving the lead to Fabrizio. Up to that point, all drivers were driving 110% to max out the potential of the cars. Paolo driving to his max was leaving nothing to chance and waiting for a mistake from Fabrizio. As the clock stated to wind down Paolo made up some time but the 1-hour, time clock was running shorter and shorter and Fabrizio was now in cruise control. In the end, IGT8 won taking 1, 2, and 3 to sweep the podium. The Lima track crew did an awesome race with a fantastic surface and Peru had a champion once again. Congratulations, to Fabrizio and team IGT8 for a well-deserved win.

Thanks to Alfonso Florez for the report.