AME T-Shox V2 touring car shocks


RUDDOG Distribution have introduced the first item created in cooperation between AME, the T-Shox V2 for touring cars. The T-Shox V2 has been completely redesigned with 100% new parts but with the same principle using a through going shock rod with 2 guidance shims. A better guided shock rod giving you a more consistent and smoother ride. The piston moves perfectly through the shock body keeping the oil flow perfect during the complete dampening movement. Perfect zero rebound every time you build the shocks to be sure that all four shocks will be built the same. The smoothest ride you have ever had with any std design touring car on the market.

New features:

  • Big bore shock body
  • High grade silicon pressure compensation bladder
  • New silicon sealing o-ring
  • New guidance shims
  • Pre-mounted piston and shock rod for a play free piston
  • Easier to build
  • T-Shox assembly tool included