Ethan Lefebvre wins at South West Championship Series Rd1


This past weekend I attended the first South West Championship Series race of 2017 at the world famous Mike’s Hobbyshop in Porter, Texas. It was a Sunday only race with extra practice Saturday. Qualifying was TQed by Loran Whiting in 1/10 Sedan. In the mains, XRAY’s Ethan Lefebvre would start second right behind Loran. During the first few minutes Loran and Ethan had a decent gap over the field. Right before the first pit stop Loran had a little bit of a problem getting through lap traffic and Ethan was able to make the pass and never look back as Loran ran into more problems later on. David Heredia and Tommy Porfirio finished in second and third respectively.

Top 10 1/10th Sedan 

  1. Ethan Lefebvre XRAY
  2. David Heredia
  3. Tommy Porfirio
  4. John Hodges XRAY
  5. Loran Whiting
  6. Reggie Hamilton
  7. Luca Barrera
  8. Ken Dub
  9. Attila Kindli
  10. Carl Lee