KO Propo RSx3-12 mini-size servos


KO Propo have introduced the new RSx3-12 mini-size servo. The RSx3-12 is avalable in three versions, each corresponding to 1/12, GT and F1 classes. The servo uses the RSx technology and a high-power core-less motor in luxury and secures high retentively and reliability. It adopts the aluminum gear to which hardening alumite treatment is applied. The gear is strong in a shock and moreover shows an effect in the reproducibility of the driving. The black wire servo leads, attractive in a chassis layout, are used. Also the RSx3-12 features the HCS (High speed Communcation System) is the new high speed communication system between the receiver to the servo. The HCS mode shortens communication time of the signal which is compressed. HCS compatible servos is changing mode automatically by signal from receiver. So HCS compatible servos can use with all receivers.

If you want to use servos by HCS, please use with HCS compatible receivers.


  • Torque: 7.5Kg-cm Speed: 0.13sec/60deg(@6.0V)
  • Dimensions: 33×26×15mm (Mini size)
  • Weight: 26.0g
  • Oprating voltage: 6.0V
  • The hard alumite aluminum gear (first gear made by plastic)
  • Core-less motor
  • Dual bearings
  • The hard servo gear shaft
  • Black cable
  • Gold plated connector