Dutch Oven Designs NB48.4 body


Over the past few months Dutch Oven Designs have been experimenting with something completely new, something never done in the industry and after some fine tuning, they have introduced their new body for Tekno NB48.4, Tekno EB48.4 and the Tekno NT48.3.

“We are all familiar with rc car body wraps, they have been around for quite some time and served their purpose. Although we never got into the business of rc car body wraps in the conventional way, although we experimented with that for a while as well, we have come up with a revolutionary way of making rc car body wraps: DOD Inside Body Wraps!!!! That’s right! The wrap is applied to the inside of the body, not the outside, and then covered with paint for protection, as well as to finish off the body!”

There are several benefits to this method:

  • Much lighter than conventional rc car body wraps
  • Does not scratch or peel when cleaning the outside of the body, or when your car hits something
  • Easy cleaning of the outside of the body to keep it look shiny
  • Custom designs made just for you

Note: The limitation of this method of doing a body wrap is that the wrap needs to be backed with white paint to make the colors appear correctly and make them pop. No other paint color is currently supported. But due to the method DOD used to design the wrap, there is about 90% coverage of the body with the wrap, so plenty of opportunity to have a colorful body.

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