BK DS-S-HT servo


BK Servo have ontroduced a new servo made specifically for 1/8 vehicles. The new DS-S-HT servo is capable of extremely high torque, which makes it an ideal candidate for 1/8 such as truggies and buggies. In addition to the ultra high torque, the servo also features steel gears and a thermal-effient CNC aluminum case.

“Our existing servo line has been doing very well in the RC surface segment over the last few months, but this will be the first of many new servos made specifically for this segment.” said Bert Kammerer, co-owner and co-founder of BK Servo, subsidiary of BK Designs LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company.

The New DS-S-HT will be available on March 15, 2017.


  • Operation Voltage: 6V – 8.4V
  • Weight: 68g (2.4 Oz)
  • Torque: 33 kg.cm (458 oz.in) @ 6V | 37.5 kg.cm (520.5 oz.in) @ 7.4V | 40.8 kg.cm (566.3 oz.in) @ 8.4V
  • Speed: 0.15 sec/60 @ 6V | 0.11sec/60 @ 7.4V | 0.10 sec/60 @ 8.4V
  • Dimensions: 20x40x37 mm
  • Frequency: 1520us/333 hz Gear
  • Type: Metal Motor
  • Type: Coreless