ZF Concepts Z4 1/8 nitro on-road car


After conceiving and designing the Z1, leading car in the classic championships around Europe, Federico Zugno decided to throw himself into a new adventure pushed by his passion for micro mechanic and RC. The ZF Concepts Z4 is a competition 1/8th on-road car entirely designed and made in Italy. Since the beginning, the focus was to conceive something different from the other platforms available on the market and to use composite materials instead of aluminium, a rear adjustable sway bar and a moulded rear mono block that would allow for a perfect transmission alignment with an integrated body support. Between the many innovations we can highlight the possibility to chose between 9 positions for the front lower roll centre and a gearbox axle revolving on 4 bearings instead of two. These features put the Z4 in the high-end tier of the market. Particular attention was also given to the ease of use and maintenance, thanks to a smart design. The car comes complete with many parts that are usually considered options, and will be available in the firs weeks of march for the Italian market, and later in the month for the Worldwide market.

Source: ZFconcepts (FB Page) & www.zfconcepts.com (website will be online soon)