JQRacing THECar “Black Edition” Part 1


JQRacing have announced the soon release of their forthcoming THECar “Black Edition”. The official release will be made in 2 parts: the first part gives features and some information about the “Black Edition” such as a multiflex engineered 3mm ergal chassis, new ultra crash resistant front and rear hingepins, new 2.0 ackermann plate, ultra optimised unique composite formula even harder arms and Italian designed and produced optimised bodyshell. The other part will be publised after The Dirt Nitro Challenge. Pre orders will be available shortly and the official release date is set for the April 1st… and it’s not a April Fool!

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  • Optimised release date of 1st of April.
  • Engineered for maximum wheelbase – It’s longer.
  • Optimised flex characteristics with multiflex engineered 3mm ergal chassis.
  • Ultra-maximised clearance for minimised clutchbell interference.
  • Luxury long lasting rear skid plate machined out of optimised fortal constructal.
  • New ultra crash resistant front and rear hingepins for maximum impact resistance.
  • Updated and re-engineered Swiss hex pins for snap resistance.
  • Maximised caster angle for superiour handling characteristics.
  • Perfected King Pin Inclination angle for unmatched steering feel.
  • Ultra-Optimised carbon fiber steering plates with refined link location, for incredible ackermann.
  • New steel ackermann plate bushings, with optimised sizing.
  • New 2.0 ackermann plate with improved functionality.
  • Unique and high class optimised laser etching. Not available for purchase separately.
  • 1st500 only available with the first 500 units sold in 2017.
  • Italian designed and produced optimised bodyshell, with American influence.
  • Ultra optimised unique composite formula even harder arms, front and rear.
  • Detailed updated packaging produced with the very best materials and printing machines in the whole world.
  • THE Black Edition is so ultra optimised, that we will not be releasing a new car in 6 months.
  • Part 2 of this optimised release information package will follow next week, after The Dirt Nitro Challenge.
  • Pre Orders will begin shortly worldwide, with a street price of $549 and €549.
  • For inspiration, watch the optimised motivational video below.