XRS Slovenia Rd4 report


The four and final round of the XRS Slovenia took place at the Pik Hala track in Maribor. Drivers from 4 different countries participated at the event and it was clear that everybody would give his maximum since it was the final race where XRS Champions would be declared. Saturday it was a practice day where most of drivers could get in touch with the track conditions and prepare their cars for the race. Sunday the day started with one heat of controlled practice needed for driver re-seeding.

The qualification rounds started and in F1 it was Luca Conte who took TQ in front of Daniele Conte. Third place went to local driver Dejan Šabeder, who came back after 8 years without touching a transmitter. In Touring Stock category, it was Jan Popič (XRAY T4) taking TQ closely followed by Rok Rudl (XRAY T4), while in 3rd it was Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4). In the 1/12 Pan-car it was Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12) taking TQ in front of Stefan Hois (XRAY X12) and Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12).

After the lunch the finals started with the F1 class. It was a battle between the Conte brothers. At the end Daniele took the win in front of Luca while the last place on the podium went to the young Matevž Furlan.

  1. Daniele Conte
  2. Luca Conte
  3. Matevž Furlan (XRAY X1)
  4. Luciano Bordin (XRAY X1)
  5. Dejan Šabeder (XRAY X1)
  6. Mirco Bordin (XRAY X1)

In the F1 B-main it was Matevž Homar taking the win in front of Robert Simčič and Borut Udovč.

  1. Matevž Homar (XRAY X1)
  2. Robert Simčič (XRAY X1)
  3. Borut Udovč (XRAY X1)
  4. Simon Šušteršič (XRAY X1)
  5. Sulejman Tabaković (XRAY X1)

XRS Slovenia Champion in F1 21.5 Stock category is Daniele Conte, followed by Luca Conte while Luciano Bordin (XRAY X1) is ranked third.

  1. Daniele Conte
  2. Luca Conte
  3. Luciano Bordin (XRAY X1)
  4. Matevž Furlan (XRAY X1)
  5. Mirco Bordin (XRAY X1)
  6. Sašo Kramljak (XRAY X1)
  7. Robert Simčič (XRAY X1)
  8. Borut Udovč (XRAY X1)
  9. Simon Šušteršič (XRAY X1)
  10. Sulejman Tabakovič (XRAY X1)

In Touring Stock category, A-main, it was supposed to be a battle between TQ Jan Popič and Rok Rudl, but some circumstances made the battle not so thrilling. Jan won all 3 finals while Rok fall down after some bad luck and mistakes. Second place went to Jan Pernarčič and third was Luka Bušac.

  1. Jan Popič (XRAY T4)
  2. Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4)
  3. Luka Bušac (XRAY T4)
  4. Gregor Banko
  5. Bjan Mikložič (XRAY T4)
  6. Lovro Šušteršič (XRAY T4)
  7. Patrik Požgaj (XRAY T4)
  8. Rok Rudl (XRAY T4)

In the Touring Stock B-main it was Uroš Ploj in front of Peter Tavčer and Kristjan Mikložič.

  1. Uroš Ploj (XRAY T4)
  2. Peter Tavčar
  3. Kristjan Mikložič (XRAY T4)
  4. Željko Selman (XRAY T4)
  5. Gašper Ravbar (XRAY T4)
  6. Luchicchi Danilo (XRAY T4)
  7. Matjaž Barovič (XRAY T4)
  8. Darko Nemec (XRAY T4)

In the Touring Stock C-main the winner was Sergej Polc in front of Stanislav Kokol and Lovro Pliskovac.

  1. Sergej Polc (XRAY T4)
  2. Stanislav Kokol (XRAY T4)
  3. Lovro Pliskovac (XRAY T4)
  4. Zvonko Pungračič (XRAY T4)
  5. Aleš Strelec
  6. Ante Vrkič (XRAY T4)
  7. Peter Šinkovec (XRAY T4)
  8. Borna Pliskovac (XRAY T4)

The XRS Slovenia Champion for 1/10 TC 13.5 Stock is Jan Popič (XRAY T4), second is Rok Rudl (XRAY T4) and third Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4).

  1. Jan Popič (XRAY T4)
  2. Rok Rudl (XRAY T4)
  3. Jan Pernarčič (XRAY T4)
  4. Viktor Bolšec (XRAY T4)
  5. Luka Bušac (XRAY T4)
  6. Bjan Mikložič (XRAY T4)
  7. Patrik Požgaj (XRAY T4)
  8. Gregor Banko
  9. Lovro Šušteršič (XRAY T4)
  10. Kristjan Mikložič (XRAY T4)

The 1/12 Pan-car category TQ driver Nejc Mihelič encountered some problems, while Alojzij Osvald after some bad qualifying found the rhythm and managed to get in front, winning the first 2 finals and so winning the race. Second went to Nejc Mihelič and third went to Valentin Mis.

  1. Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12)
  2. Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12)
  3. Valentin Mis
  4. Stefan Hois (XRAY X12)

The XRS Slovenia Champion 1/12 Pan-car is Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12), second is Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12) and third is Stefan Hois (XRAY X12).

  1. Alojzij Osvald (XRAY X12)
  2. Nejc Mihelič (XRAY X12)
  3. Stefan Hois (XRAY X12)
  4. Lorenzo Milanese
  5. Goran Vignjevič (XRAY X12)
  6. Herfried Pucher (XRAY X12)
  7. Mattia Collavo (XRAY X12)
  8. Valentin Mis
  9. Gerald Stuckler (XRAY X12)
  10. Denis Fink (XRAY X12)