WRCR Rd7 Report


The penultimate round of the WRCR winter series ended on February 4th with a large turn out of fast drivers vying to grab precious points toward the 2017 Season Championship. The day was calm and race conditions were set in advance at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Novice Class

The novice class is always a mix of skills and ages. After last round Milo Spieth officially graduated out of the novice class and entered into the Mod SCT class with this Slash. This let the season full of novice racers a chance to grab a win. Some familiar names of drivers that have qualified in the top positions many times. Terry Bush, Todd Aker, and Mark Kohler all have had great qualifying runs this season. In Round#7 Todd Aker grabbed that Top Qualifier position ahead of Terry and Mark. With a large turn out the Novice class kicked off the final rounds with the B-Main. John Spieth jumped into the racing world in his son’s footprints. John started from the first position and lead the way from start to finish. Donny Willoughby finished his day the right way in 2nd place after having a tough qualifying. John Bell held down the 3rd place spot to complete the podium.

Novice B-Main Podium

  1. John Spieth
  2. Donny Willoughby
  3. John Bell

Novice A-Main

The opening laps of the Novice A-Main were anything but clean. Todd Aker started from pole position but connected with Mark Kohler and Terry Bush letting Tyson Bowling cross the finish line in first position on the first lap. Todd quickly regained the lead on the second lap. Mark battled with Tyson for a few laps before regaining the second position. The surprise of this main event was Ethan Hartmeyer who started back in sixth place, crossed the line in seventh on the first lap and within four laps he was up in the battle with Tyson and Mark. Ethan won that initial battle assuming the second position and holding it for the remaining laps until a last lap mishap gave it to Mark. Todd cleanly finished in 1st place, Mark grabbed 2nd place, and Ethan held onto 3rd place.

Novice A-Main Podium

  1. Todd Aker
  2. Mark Kohler
  3. Ethan Hartmeyer

Open Mini Class

Round#7 saw some of the closest racing in the Mini class all season. Qualifying again went to Joe Gates. He has all but dominated qualifying in this class. Matt Lemorie was able to hold down second position. As the Main event started Matt again jumped to the lead on the opening lap. Joe quickly regained the lead as Ben Belote and Todd Aker traded spots behind him. Joe and Matt were well matched in their lap times. They traded the lead every other lap. Matt was able to keep it together and finish in 1st place. Joe charged hard in the closing laps and crossed the line in 2nd place 1 second behind matt. Ben held off Todd to finish in 3rd place.

Open Mini A-Main Podium

  1. Matt Lemorie
  2. Joe Gates
  3. Ben Belote

Stampede Class

The Stampede class is always fun to watch. These vehicles are not easy to drive on a prepared race track. Matt Lemorie brought his A game and dominated qualifying grabbing TQ honors. C.J. Boka also had a good day qualifying in second place. Points leader Ben Belote struggled in qualifying securing a third place for main event. On the opening lap C.J. slipped back to fourth place. Ben assumed the second position chasing the leader Matt. Ben got around Matt on the second lap but Matt pressed hard and regained the lead quickly. The top two would hold this positions for most of the race turning fast laps nearly every lap. C.J. began to thread through the field to assume the 3rd position.

Stampede A-Main Podium

  1. Matt Lemorie
  2. Ben Belote
  3. Joe Gates

Stock Buggy 17.5t Blinky Class

As the season winds down, the Stock Buggy class has been the largest this season. Competition at all levels has been hot. Kenny Ferris is leading the points with a commanding lead. The points spread behind him is very close. Ben Belote is right in the middle of this battle and was able to knock Kenny off of a perfect score by grabbing the Top Qualifier position. Forrest Remington qualified well into the second starting position leaving Kenny in third place for the A-Main.

Stock Buggy B-Main

The B-Main grid was also set in qualifying with Anthony Wright in the BQ spot. Zach Kohler and Josh Aker qualified behind Anthony. The B-Main started with Anthony taking off fast challenging the field to best his pace. Zach and Josh chased as fast as they could. Lap after lap clicked off with Anthony stretching his lead on each one. Zach and Josh swapped spots on one lap. Zach had a consistent main event holding off Josh. At the finishing tone Anthony crossed the line in 1st place, Zach in 2nd place, and Josh in 3rd place.

Stock Buggy B-Main Podium

  1. Anthony Wright
  2. Zach Kohler
  3. Josh Aker

Stock Buggy A-main

Ben Belote started off the A-main leading the pack through the track crossing the finish line as he started, in first place. Forrest Remington was glued to Ben’s bumper and on lap two he got by Ben to assume the lead. The next lap Kenny Ferris passed Ben first and then Dan Dresselhouse slipped by Ben. Forrest was setting fast laps as Kenny closed in setting even faster laps. Kenny passed Forrest for the lead on lap four. Forrest was close behind holding firm in second place while Ben and Dan began to feel the pressure of Chris Peterson who started in the fifth position. Mid race Kenny flipped his buggy allowing Forrest to assume the lead and Dan, Ben and Chris to close the gap. The top five cars came within seconds of each other as Kenny laid down fast laps pressuring Forrest for the lead. Late in the seven minute A-Main Kenny secured the lead ahead of Forrest. Dan was able to stretch his lead on fourth place which was held by Chris. Ben clocked his fastest lap of the event helping him get around Chris. Kenny marked his fifth 1st place finish of the season. Forrest crossed the line in 2nd place. Dan held on for the 3rd place finish.

Stock Buggy A-Main Podium

  1. Kenny Ferris
  2. Forrest Remington
  3. Dan Dresselhouse

Stock Short Course Truck 17.5t Blinky

Another full round of Stock Short Course trucks hit the track to fight for precious points toward the season championship. Dan Dresselhouse has dominated much of the season in this class and it continued in Round#7 with a TQ out of qualifying. Stock Buggy points leader Kenny Ferris qualified in second place. The A-Main began with the pack flowing in starting order. From the first lap Dan and Kenny broke away from the rest of the back lead by Sean Carney. A slight bobble from Kenny and Dan was able to stretch his lead comfortably. Midway through the main event Dan had lapped most of the field with Kenny working traffic to reduce the gap between them. Sean was in a space on his own far enough back from Kenny and ahead of C.J. Boka who started in the fourth position. The laps continued to count as the seven minute mark sounded the end of the event. Dan crossed the line in 1st place with nearly an eight second lead over Kenny in 2nd place. Sean held on for 3rd place one lap down.

Stock SCT A-Main Podium

  1. Dan Dresselhouse
  2. Kenny Ferris
  3. Sean Carney

4×4 Short Course Truck

The fast paced 4×4 Short Course truck class hit the track next with Conner Stanley showing how it is done. He secured a solid top qualifier position in qualifying with Matt Lemorie holding down the second position. Corey Blue qualified well in the third spot. At the start Conner pulled the trigger and took off like a rocket. As the opening lap marked on the RC Scoring Pro screen he was in the lead spot with Corey in second. Andy Dresselhouse crossed in third place. Matt came across the line in seventh place after a horrible opening lap. It was Corey’s turn on the second lap as Steve Boster capitalized on a pile up to assume the second position with Greg Shelton in tow in third. It wa Steve’s turn next falling back leaving Greg in second as Conner maintained a pace giving him a huge gap to second. Andy and Matt worked the track together to move up to Greg challenging him for the second spot. At the midpoint Conner, Matt and Andy all made their fastest laps of the race which resulted in Matt in second and Andy in third. Corey rejoined the battle as Greg regained his pace. Conner dominated the main event finishing in 1st place. Matt held on and finished in 2nd place. Andy held off Corey and Greg for the 3rd place podium position.

4×4 SCT A-Main Podium

  1. Conner Stanley
  2. Matt Lemorie
  3. Andy Dresselhouse

4wd Open Buggy Class

The fastest class of the day was the 4wd Buggy class with Dan Dresselhouse outdriving all comers for the TQ position. The start was as expected as Dan lead Forrest Remington through the first lap. Chuck Hartmeyer started in the third position slipped back to fifth place on the opening lap leaving Conner Stanley in the third place with Ben Belote in fourth. Up front Forrest closed in and passed Dan taking charge of the event and maintaining consistent laps. Chuck Hartmeyer put together some fast laps as Ben and Conner tangled letting him slip back into the third spot. First Conner pressured Chuck and overtook him to retake the third position. Ben capitalized on the battle in front of him and passed them both to grab the third spot. Forrest never let up and crossed the line in the 1st position. Dan solid in 2nd place. And Ben held off the rest of the field for the 3rd place.

4wd Buggy A-Main Podium

  1. Forrest Remington
  2. Dan Dresselhouse
  3. Ben Belote

Stock Stadium Truck 17.5t Blinky Class

Racing in the Stock Truck class has had close races all season. Dan Dresselhouse always seems to come out on top. In Round#7 Dan qualified in first capturing another TQ point toward the title. Conner Stanley challenged Dan in every heat but came up a little short starting from the two spot. Mark “Peanut M&M” Thompson started from the third spot. At the start of the main event Conner and Mark fell back in the pack leaving Andy Dresselhouse and Corey Blue in second and third as Dan maintained his lead. Mark regained his traction and passed Corey to move back to the third spot. C.J. Boka held his composure and was able to get past Mark. Conner Stanley came back from seventh spot to get into the fight with Mark and C.J. Corey was not far behind setting up a battle for third between Mark, C.J., Conner and Corey. Up front Dan and Andy continued in the first and second place holding firm. Mark assumed the third position as C.J. left the fight and the event with a mechanical problem. Conner could not avoid issue holding the fourth position. At the close of the event Dan finished strong in 1st place. Andy finished firm in 2nd place. Mark held off Conner to finish 3rd place.

Stock Truck A-Main Podium

  1. Dan Dresselhouse
  2. Andy Dresselhouse
  3. Mark Thompson

Modified Short Course Truck Class

The Modified Short Course Truck class saw a return of the consistency of Gary Reiser. Gary held off Mark Thompson, Anthony Wright and Matt Lemorie for the Top Qualifying spot. At the start Gary lead the pack on the first lap as Matt pressured hard coming from the fourth place to pass into second position. Anthony kept close to Matt on the opening laps sending Mark back a few spots. Gary maintained a steady pace leaving the fights behind him. Anthony was able to get ahead of Matt early on to claim the second position. Mark was not done and put down fast laps as the event came to a close and was able to get by Matt for a podium spot finishing in 3rd place. Anthony held onto 2nd place. Gary finished in 1st place with a healthy margin.

Mod SCT A-Main Podium

  1. Gary Reiser
  2. Anthony Wright
  3. Mark Thompson

The final race of the 2016-17 season is this Saturday February 18th. Doors open at 8AM with racing starting at 10AM. Who will be the Champions? The 2017-18 season schedule will be posted soon here or on Facebook here.

Race report by Tom Erickson, photos by Kymm Thompson.