Dominic Quek wins at Urban Touring Series rd2


Round 2 of Singapore’s Urban Touring Series was held this past weekend in downtown Singapore. With the Chinese New Year festivities still in the air, racers were looking forward to a great racing start in the Year of the Rooster. Only a single Touring Car class (17.5T Blinky) was run.

Qualifying: Run over 4 rounds, with the best-2 points score to count, XRAY’s Dominic Quek would secure an early overall TQ after 3 consecutive TQ runs. In Q4, Colin Tong and Leonard Sim started Q4 in front, but a racing incident allowed Chee Lip Keong to capitalize and secure a surprise TQ for the round. This shook up the final qualifying standings as Lip Keong secured P2 on the grid on the tie-break. Leonard would start in P3, with Colin in P4.

Finals: In Leg 1, Dominic secured the win by a comfortable margin as a tight battle ensued between Lip Keong, Leonard and Colin. With post-race penalties applied, Colin took 2nd while Hasron Robana finished 3rd. In Leg 2, Dominic managed to convert his pole start to win and secure an early overall victory. Leonard made a quick start to go into P2 early in the race, and held on to finish 2nd. Lip Keong had to be content with 3rd. In Leg 3, Dominic would sit out after having secured the overall win. There was to be another close fight during the race, with several racing incidents allowing Colin to eventually take the win. Leonard finished 2nd while Kamen Koh took 3rd. With his Leg-3 win, Colin secured overall 2nd with Leonard in 3rd

A-Main Overall Results:

  1. Dominic Quek – XRAY T4
  2. Colin Tong – XRAY T4
  3. Leonard Sim (Awesomatix)
  4. Hasron Robana (Tamiya)
  5. Kamen Koh (Serpent)
  6. Chee Lip Keong (Yokomo)
  7. Joe Hwee (Schumacher)
  8. Danny Lim (Tamiya)