Austrian Indoor Nationals report


Austrian Indoor-National took place at the Modellsport Trinko track in Mistelbach, 30 km near Vienna, Austria. The race was held in five classes including TW Stock, TW Modified, Formula 1, 1/12 Stock and 1/12 Modified. The track was perfect with ETS carpet and new ETS curbs, a big driver pit area, friendly people and an average temperature of more than 20 degrees.

TW Stock:

Alexander Mayer took TQ and he was able to take A1 and A2. Christian Völker couldn´t get the same speed like Alex but he could take the seconde place in front of Roland Bauer.

  1. Alexander Mayer
  2. Christian Völker – XRAY T4
  3. Roland Bauer

TW Modified:

Patrick Gollner wins 4 of 5 qualification rounds and also all 3 finals. Sascha Klug finished in 2nd and Christian Fraunschuh in 3rd.

  1. Patrick Gollner – XRAY T4
  2. Sascha Klug
  3. Christian Fraunschuh

Formula 1:

After Hebert Weber‘s 1 year break from the nationals he was back stronger than before. But it was not easy for him, because Andreas Stiebler (XRAY) could get the same speed like Herbert. Also, Thomas Dvorsky (XRAY) was able to fight decently. So after 5 quallies Herbert could take TQ in front of Andreas and Thomas. But in the finals Herbert made some mistakes so Thomas could take the win. A2 was a big fight against Herbert and Andreas, both were fighting extremely hard against each other. Herbert could take the win in A2. Herbert could win also A3 so that he won know the Indoor Nationals 2017.

  1. Herbert Weber
  2. Thomas Dvorsky – XRAY X1
  3. Andreas Stiebler – XRAY X1

1/12 Stock:

Thomas Dvorsky was the man in this class he could take easily the TQ and all 3 finals. Well done Thomas.

  1. Thomas Dvorsky – XRAY X1
  2. Friedrich Pfeiffer
  3. Andreas Scheuch – XRAY X1

1/12 Modified:

In this class it was n fight against Dockter Rene and Eder Toni. Both were faster than all the others. But Rene was a littlebit faster with is XRAY. He had a perfect working setup for his XRAY X12. He could take TQ and also A1 and A2. Congratulation Rene!

  1. Rene Dockter – XRAY X12
  2. Toni Eder
  3. Kurt Hubeny