Bowie Ginting sweeps Jakarta Region Rd1


The first round of Jakarta Region Rd.1 was held at the Sunter International Speedway, which featured a primary Open Brushless class, FWD class and Mini Ccass. A light rain covered up the race which resulted into an unstable traction. After the qualifying Bowie Ginting took the overall TQ by winning the first and second rounds.

In the Leg 1 Ginting made a clean start which ended with a 4 secs victory ahead of Christian Mamesah in 2nd and Arya Seta in 3rd. Leg 2 ran after a short delay due to a light rain, re-started with a 85% of traction, again, both of us made a clean start. In this conditions Ginting took another win which meant an overall win. Leg 3 was a decisive leg for the 2nd and 3rd place. Christian took the win while Arya succesfuly held the 2nd place ahead the recent’s national champion, Suwardi Suliandy.

Open Brushless A Main Result:

  1. Bowie Ginting (Serpent Project 4X / Hobbywing)
  2. Christian Mamesah (Serpent Project 4X / Hobbywing)
  3. Arya Seta (Serpent Project 4X / Hobbywing)
  4. Ronny Suwarto (Xray T4’17 / Orca)
  5. Denny Pangestu (Xray T4’17 / Orca)
  6. Ridhwan Sutedja (Serpent Eryx 4.0 / Orca)
  7. Suwardi Suliandy (Xray T4’17 / Orca)
  8. Chandra Yosef (Awesomatix A800X / Hobbywing)
  9. Imam Liyanto (Yokomo BD8 /Hobbywing)
  10. Vindra Mboi (Serpent Eryx 4.0 / Hobbywing)