Maxima Mx R6 .21 On Road engine


Maxima Mx Europa have introduced their new .21 engine for 1/8 On-Road class, the Maxima Mx R6. With a long heritage from the past, Maxima “R” line, has achieved in 2013 the first European Champion title at Halifax (UK) with a stunning performance of Jilles Groskamp powered by Maxima Mx R1.

Over the past years several tests have been done with Mx R2 and Mx R4 to reach now with R6 all the quality standards of our engines and overall performance regarding torque and runtime. The Mx R6 is based on O.S Speed R2102 with special factory modifications by Maxima and it´s available to all our distributors and end customers from now on.

Main Features:

Lower Center of gravity for better handling
• A second inner button head allows for finer tuning to meet track conditions
• New ceramic rear bearing reduces friction loss
• Compatible with 16% nitro fuel, which complies with EFRA regulations
• Retains O.S Speed innovations such as DLC coating and tungsten weighted crank shaft

All units are factory selected, tuned and modified by Maxima. For further info and orders feel free to contact Maxima: Maxima Mx Europa will foward your request to your local distributor.

Source: Maxima Mx Europa | @ FB | RadioControl