MAXIMA Mx GT1 .21 On Road GT engine


Maxima Mx Europa have introduced their new .21 On Road GT engine, the GT1. The 1/8 scale GT Touring class racing is becoming increasingly popular and after several tests and it´s debut on ASIA GT 2016 with an awesome 1st place. Mx GT1 is based on O.S Speed 21XZ-GT with special factory modifications by MAXIMA to achieve all the quality standards of our engines and overall performance regarding torque and runtime.

Main Features:

  • Long stroke engine provides more torque
  • Five scavenger ports and three exhaust ports improve power in the mid – to high range
  • The crankshaft has been engineered for GT touring, and is silicon-potted and DLC coated with tungsten weights pressed in
  • The outer head features a lower CG and shiny fins
  • The dual adjustable carb is ROAR-legal, and comes with a 7 mm restrictor

All units are factory selected, tuned and modified by MAXIMA. The MAXIMA Mx GT1 is available to all distributors and end customers from now on. For further info and orders feel free to contact us:

Source: Maxima Mx Europa | @ FB | RadioControl