Snowbird Nationals 2017 report


The annual Snowbird Nationals was once again held at the Park Inn in Kissimmee, Florida. More than 300 entries in 10 different classes joined this event.

The premier TC Modified catergory was once again stacked with good drivers. After some extensive pre-event testing at Thunder RC in Nashville, TN, Alexander Hagberg had already found a very good basic setup once again for this new black carpet. Alexander managed to win every round of qualifying, as well as the 5 minute main final, from tone to tone. This all meant that Alexander won the overall on-road championship for the 3rd consecutive time!

The faster 17.5T Super Stock Category was won by Jan Ratheisky. Jan benefitted from a late tangle up that caused the leader Sam Isaacs to drop down the order. Robbie Dodge, who had been fighting with Sam for that TQ spot, would finish 2nd overall after a great drive.

Result TC Modified:

  1. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4’17
  2. Sam Isaacs- Awesomatix
  3. Keven Hebert- AE
  4. Paul Lemieux – XRAY T4’17
  5. Dominic Vogl- VBC
  6. Hayato Ishiyoka- Koyosho
  7. Drew Ellis – XRAY T4’17
  8. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4’17
  9. Josh Cyrul- Destiny
  10. Chris Tosolini- WRC

Result TC 17.5T Stock:

  1. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4’17
  2. Robbie Dodge – XRAY T4’17
  3. Sam Isaacs- Awesomatix
  4. Cory Parsons- Xray T4’17
  5. Martin Crisp- Yokomo
  6. Craig Xavier – XRAY T4’17
  7. Austin Wolfe- Serpent
  8. Matt Lyons- Awesomatix
  9. Drew Ellis – XRAY T4’17
  10. Mark Burt- Awesomatix

Result 1/12 Modified:

  1. Toto Ebukuro- Yokomo
  2. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY X12’17
  3. Hayato Ishiyoka- CRC
  4. Keven Hebert- AE
  5. Andrew Knapp- CRC
  6. Kosuke Suzuki- CRC
  7. Ray Darroch- Top
  8. Dominic Vogl- VBC
  9. Josh Cyrul- Destiny
  10. Kazuki Yamashita- CRC

Result 1/12 17.5T Stock:

  1. Ray Darroch- Top Rebal
  2. Craig Xavier – XRAY X12’17
  3. Joe Trandell- AE
  4. Andrew Knapp- CRC
  5. Dana Bailes- CRC
  6. Robbie Dodge – XRAY X12’17
  7. John Wiita- CRC
  8. Takeshi Shinomiya- CRC
  9. Andrew Mowery- Speedmerchant
  10. Monti Panzica- Roche

Result TC 21.5T Stock:

  1. Mark Burt- Awesomatix
  2. Monti Panzica- Awesomatix
  3. Luke Pittman – XRAY T4’17
  4. Bill Sydor- Awesomatix
  5. Austin Wolfe- Serpent
  6. Brent Klingforth- Awesomatix
  7. Diatta Collymore- WRC
  8. Brian Card- Awesomatix
  9. Justin Lyons- Awesomatix
  10. Cory Parsons – XRAY T4’17