CWIC XRS UK Rd5 report


Last weekend wad held the fifth round of the CWIC XRS UK with an ever increasing numbers of drivers and some top names which have made their return to the series.  Olly Jefferies continued his dominance in the Super touring class taking TQ and back to back final wins.

  1. Olly Jefferies Xray
  2. Alex Thurston
  3. Chris Grainger
  4. Tom Green Xray
  5. Nick Waywell Xray
  6. Liam Hammond
  7. Scott Booth
  8. Phil Vickers
  9. Alex Everett

The CWIC XRS’s most successful class Pro Stock was once again dominated by Zak Finlay even though he was pushed in qualification by Jonny Bowden. He won though and took back to back victories in the finals. Dan Blake continues his great series of results also and liking good for a championship podium.

  1. Zak Finlay Xray
  2. Marcus Askell Xray
  3. Dan Blake Xray
  4. Andy Travis
  5. Shaun Ogden
  6. Chris Gunter
  7. Jon Bowden
  8. Michael Bolt
  9. Jon Seals Xray
  10. Steve Davis

Once again the well attended GT12 CWIC XRS support class seen Tom Hampson take both finals to take the overall win.

  1. Tom Hampson
  2. Chris Gunter
  3. Jonathan Simblet
  4. Lee Owen
  5. Rob Jackson
  6. Tony Wade
  7. Simon Biles
  8. Mark Bruten Young
  9. Danial Sparrow
  10. John Ridding

LMP 12th given the abcence of Jimmy Maddison the win was up for grabs. Sam Exton continued his recent success in this class.

  1. Sam Exton Xray
  2. Paul Ash
  3. Daniel Sparrow Xray
  4. Mark Winslow
  5. James Alexander

Formula seen the Lee’s battle it out for the victory with Dan Blake keeping them honest.

  1. Michael Lee Xray.
  2. Luke Lee Xray
  3. Dan Blake Xray
  4. Jonathan Simblet Xray