Andreas Johansson wins MSEC Rd5


The fifth round of the MSEC Indoor Cup was held in Örebro, hosted by the Bofors MRK club. The track was quite technical and it offered medium traction. 67 drivers attended the race in in four classes. In 1:10 modified controlled practice Macus von Elling set the fastest 3 consecutive laps and close behind it was Serpent drivers Andreas Johansson and young Lukas Knutsson. The qualifying result was based on the best single result, out of three rounds in total. After three rounds Andreas Johansson placed himself on the top spot, 3 seconds ahead of Lukas Knutsson, and 6 seconds ahead of kristoffer Axelsson. The finals then saw some really close racing between the top three drivers. A1 won by Andreas Johansson. A2 won by Lukas knutsson. In A3 Andreas from pole made no mistakes and took the overall win.

Top 10 result:

  1. Andreas Johansson – Serpent 4X
  2. Lukas Knutsson – Serpent 4X
  3. Kristoffer Axelsson – Xray
  4. Tommy Bergfelt – Schumacher
  5. Marcus Von Elling – Xray
  6. Fredrik Loiske – Xray
  7. Per Lindqvist – Xray
  8. Thomas Ek – Xray
  9. Rasmus Karlsson – Scumacher
  10. Fredrik Von Elling – Xray