XRAY Racing Series Rd3 report


Last weekend was held round three of the XRAY Racing Series at the Hudy Arena track in Slovakia with over 100 entries in 9 classes, both onroad and offroad.
In Formula class we saw Martin Hudy out in front after qualification with Igor Liptak and Dusan Bayer in second and third spot. All three drivers finished on the podium in the same order, but Martin Hudy’s mistakes at the beginning of the runs made the finals exciting.

Top 5 Formula

  1. Martin HUDY – XRAY X1
  2. Igor LIPTÁK – XRAY X1
  3. Dušan BAYER – XRAY X1
  4. Michal MILANOWICZ – XRAY X1

GT bodies mounted at a 1:12 chassis, that´s the class of Igor Liptak, 1:12GT. Solid performance with a well-made setup resulted in an easy victory.

Top 3 1:12GT

  1. Igor LIPTÁK – XRAY X12
  2. Jozef BOZO – XRAY X12
  3. Vladimír VISKUP – XRAY X12

The 1:12 modified class was dominated by Tomas Liptak, huge lead for the green machine in the qualification and finally also the first position on the podium, after he tried to go over the limits in the first final. All other drivers finished the finals like they started in the grid and Jiri finished in front of Vladimir on the podium.

Top 3 1:12

  1. Tomáš LIPTÁK – XRAY X12
  2. Jiří RYBÁK – XRAY X12
  3. Vladimír VISKUP – XRAY X12

Racing in all 3 Pan Car classes it was Vladimir Viskup who was able to take the TQ and win in 1:10 scale.

Top 3 1:10 Pan Car

  1. Vladimír VISKUP – XRAY X10
  2. Marek HELBICH – XRAY X10
  3. Miroslav HARGAŠ – XRAY X10

1:10 Touring car stock class with 13,5T handout motors had most entries. In qualification it was Tom Krägefski saving the TQ by only 0,4s in front of Oliver Havranek and Ales Bayer in third spot, but Oliver could take advantage of his technical issues of the TQ man and take the win in A3. Tom finished second and Ales Bayer could defend his podium position from Arkadiusz.

Top 5 1:10 Stock

  1. Oliver HAVRÁNEK – XRAY T4
  3. Aleš BAYER – XRAY T4
  4. Arkadiusz SMYK – XRAY T4
  5. Filip OBORA – XRAY T4

The fastest class at the weekend, 1:10 Touring car modified was dominated by Martin Hudy with TQ and overall win in A2. The most exciting finals brought many changes into final positions as Oliver Havranek moved from fourth of the grid to overall second and Arkadiusz Smyk improved from sixth to third position on the podium.

Top 5 1:10 Modified

  1. Martin HUDY – XRAY T4
  2. Oliver HAVRÁNEK – XRAY T4
  3. Arkadiusz SMYK – XRAY T4
  5. Michal WÓJCIK – XRAY T4

Max Gotzl took TQ in 4WD and Truck. Max won the first two finals in 4wd buggy and Truck A-mains. In 2wd Max had bad luck in first final with some mistakes but he won the two last finals after very good fights with Juraj Hudy and Peter Loncsar.

2WD results:

  1. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB2
  2. Peter Loncsar – Yokomo
  3. Juraj Hudy – XRAY XB2

4WD results:

  1. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB4
  2. Lacko Toth – XRAY XB4
  3. Peter Loncsar – Yokomo

Stadium truck results:

  1. Max Gotzl – XRAY XT2
  2. Juraj Hudy – XRAY XT2
  3. Zsolt Bajusz Junior – XRAY XT2