5th Hungarian Serpent S411 Endurance race report


Last weekend the Fifth Hungarian Serpent S411 Endurance race was held at the ‘Sportolda’ sportshall in Pecs, Hungary. This race was running in a unique format. The organisers have prepared 6 identical S411 RTR cars. The race starts with the draw of cars among the teams. 4 racers consists of a team, they are allowed to use their own batteries and transmitter, the rest is provided by the organiser team. The race has 6 etaps, 50 minutes of driving followed by 15 minutes service-parks. At halftime everybody is having a lunch altogether while cars are waiting in the parc-ferme. The main goal is to have a lot of fun and tracktime and build a nice team spirit. In the final the All Stars team took the win with 1712 laps in front of the Elza es Tarsai team with 1642 laps and the Peströ gyuttunk team with 1639 laps. Each competitor receives a medal at the end of the race.