PROTOform WCICS Rd 5 Report


The PROTOform Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series Round 5 flew into the beautiful Pacific island town of Victoria (Sidney), British Columbia. Hosted by IROCC, the team of volunteers led by track builder extraordinaire Craig Roberts put down what is simply the most stunning track ever in the history of WCICS! With a huge turnout, and racers flying in from Quebec, New Mexico, North Dakota, California and Washington, this was an all-star affair! Huge thanks to Blake Bell, Luke Pittman, Craig Roberts, Tom Younger, the entire RD, tech and track building crew, this was just an amazing event!

RC America/XRay TC Mod: This was some of the best racing WCICS has ever seen, with some of the world’s top racers battling it out, and a different winner of each AAA main! Team XRay’s JJ Wang would set a fast TQ over a top field, and would hold off Team Associated’s Keven Hebert and Team XRay’s Max Kuenning for the win in R1. But in R2, Max would come from 4th and take the win, just 0.2sec ahead of JJ, with one of the top Western Canadian Racers, Team Awesomatix’s Wayne Mah putting in an amazing performance for 3rd. In the final round, Keven would take top spot after almost 3 minutes of nose to tail racing, again just 0.2sec ahead of JJ, who’s C-Hub screw had come out, talk about active suspension, and Max just a second behind waiting to pounce! JJ Wang’s consistency and perseverance put him on top of the podium, and Keven Hebert’s last round win put him 2nd, with Max Kuenning taking 3rd.

Team Great Hobbies TC Stock: Just like in the last round in Edmonton, Team Awesomatix’s Wayne Mah would dominate, TQ and double wins would put him on top. But this time Team XRay’s Luke Pittman would make him work hard for it, pushing Wayne to the end every round. Tim Copp and Doug Smith traded 3rd’s in R1 & R2. With Wayne watching R3, Luke took a solid win, followed by Tim and Ryan Berry. Final standings, Wayne, Luke and Tim.

Blinds Plus Tamiya Mini: BC Driver John Ha would set TQ, and win R1, but unfortunately couldn’t convert to an overall win as Justin Gilkison would beat him to the line in R2, and then in R3 after an amazing race, out of the last corner a drag race to the finish line with Justin taking the win by just 0.004sec, the closest finish in WCICS history! Chuck de Belen would take 3rd, after finishing 3rd in all 3 rounds.

ATD Hobbies Scale Spec: With a great turnout for this fun class, Vancouver’s John Tsang would dominate the show, TQ and winning the first 2 rounds just ahead of Doug Smith and Richard Reece both times. Doug would take the R3 win, with Chris Morrison sneaking into 2nd and Richard taking 3rd. John walked to the top podium spot, with Doug and Richard in 2nd and 3rd.

CRC 12th Stock: In the biggest class of the weekend New Mexico’s Team XRay driver Max Kuenning would take TQ and the first two wins, with Tim Copp’s XRay and Adam Balk’s CRC just a few seconds back in R1, and Team CRC driver Brian Bodine and Team XRay’s Luke Pittman in R2. Adam would dial his car in and take R3 by just 0.5sec over Doug Smith’s CRC, with Brian taking 3rd just a few seconds back. On the podium, Max, Adam and Brian stood proud of some amazing racing!

Reedy 12th Mod: In the fastest class of the weekend, Quebec’s Team Associated driver Keven Hebert, a long-time supporter of WCICS, would put on an amazing show against Washington’s Team Roche driver Korey Harbke and New Mexico’s Team XRay driver Max Kuenning, finishing 1-2-3 in R1. Again Keven would take R2, this time over Max and former Canadian National Champions, CRC’s Blake Bell. Watching the action for R3, Keven saw Korey finish less than a second ahead of Max, with BC’s Korgae Scales finishing just ahead of Blake. Final podium spots had Keven on top, Korey in 2nd, and Max 3rd.

Gripworks F1: Hot off of 2 back to back wins, Korgae Scales would fight an epic AAA Main battle with Team Gripworks driver Alex Pate who took TQ. What a close class, total combined times between 1st and 2nd across all 3 mains was just 0.11sec!!! Korgae would fight hard for the R1 win just 0.04sec ahead of Alex, and Lee Edmond following just a few seconds behind. R2 would see the exact reverse, with Alex winning by just 0.04sec ahead of Korgae, Lee again just a few seconds behind. R3 was set for an epic finish, but both Alex and Korgae would suffer some bad luck, allowing Ed Mardones to take the win by and even closer margin, just 0.03sec over Alex, with Chris Lim 3 sec behind.

Gravity RC World GT: Craig Roberts drove his CRC to a perfect weekend, TQ and double win. He was challenged by Jarrod Heap’s CRC in both rounds though, with Josh Carter’s CRC in third. In the final round, Jarrod would toy with Josh, ending in a drag race to the finish that Jarrod really should have taken, lol. Rob McQuarrie would watch the action from 3rd right to the end. Final standings, Craig, Jarrod, Josh.

Concourse was awarded to John Tsang, with a very cool transformers like theme on his PROTOform CTS-V, with Brent Wende and Paul Gauthier taking honorable mentions. All 3 top picks received a PROTOform body with which to create their next masterpiece, personally presented by Eric Epp himself!!!