Peter Roeygens TQ & wins at Lovan RC-Challenge Rd3


Third round of the popular Lovan RC-Challenge in Belgium was held last weekend. In the qualification rounds in the Touring Stock class Peter Roeygens took the overall TQ from Christophe Wojsznis and Mathias Van Laere. Qualified on fourth position, Christophe Libeer won the first final round. Roeygens won both A2 and A3 dans the overall race. Libeer in second and Van Laere in third completed the podium.

Overall Result:

  1. Peter Roeygens
  2. Christophe Libeer – Team Magic E4RS III Plus
  3. Mathias Van Laere
  4. Sylvain Brunet
  5. Christophe Wojsznis
  6. Carton Jonathan
  7. Ruben Ally
  8. Sven de Kraker
  9. Kurt Dejaegere
  10. Christophe Carton