XRAY Racing Series Rd1 report


First 2017 XRAY Racing Series took place in Castelnuovo Scrivia at Indoor Racing Chilelli. This wonderful facility offered us a high traction asphalt track but also other services like Pub and Pizzeria inside. The entries for this event has been sold out in few hours from the opening and drivers were divided in 5 classes: Formula, Pan Car, Stock 13.5, Stock 13.5 Pro and Modified.
Bruno Coelho says:

“Great weekend! It was the most entertaining RC weekend I had my life. Greatly organised and great facilities here! The race started and finished on schedule, without any stress and there were a lot of activities in the middle so that people could enjoy not only the main race track time but also the lucky draw and the TOP10 crazy finals (that nobody knew how it would start). Congratulations to the organizers and all people involved on this event. The car worked amazing without any problems and i was able to manage the TQ and Win. It was the first Xrace in Italy this year and I hope to come to the next XRS Italy! It was really enjoyable. I want to say thank you to all present drivers this weekend that made it really funny and competitive and also I have to give also a special and dedicated thanks to Francesco Martini for the great organized race that worked without any problem.”

In Modified Class Bruno Coelho was the leader of Qualifications, taking Pole Position in front of Martin Hudy in second and Alessio Menicucci in third.


  1. Bruno Coelho XRAY T4 2017
  2. Martin Hudy – XRAY T4 2017
  3. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4 2017
  4. Alessandro Brunelli – XRAY T4 2017
  5. Federico Milanese – XRAY T4 2017
  6. Alessio Mancini – XRAY T4 2017
  7. Alessio Mazzeo – XRAY T4 2017
  8. Daniele Ielasi
  9. Nicola Marrone – XRAY T4 2017
  10. Francesco Tironi

Nico Catelani says:

‘’First experience at a XRS… What to say… have been two fantastic days on the beautiful track with its own pub/restaurant, the perfect organization and a lot of fun.
The Saturday practice carried out in groups and in the afternoon the first time official practice where the car was again fastest of the class. On Sunday me and my team mate Mattia Collina had a super tight battle. I finally get TQ but for few tenths of second. T4 performance were amazing and I finally get how to drive safe and fast! In the final I was able to have good start in 1st and 2nd rounds, keeping couple of corners of gap to Mattia. So I got my 1st victory in 2017 hoping the next race result will be as good! See you at the next XRS …’’

First 3 places had no changes in the finals.


  1. Bruno Coelho
  2. Martin Hudy
  3. Alessio Menicucci
  4. Alessio Mazzeo
  5. Alessandro Brunelli
  6. Alessio Mancini
  7. Federico Milanese
  8. Daniele Ielasi
  9. Francesco Tironi
  10. Nicola Marrone