HIT 129 Rd4 report


The round four of the HIT winter racing series were held at the Holesov´s sports hall in Czech Republic.

LeMans: Martin Zvara jr. became the first driver making defeat of huge successor Roman Krejci happen. Even though Roman secured TQ in his favourite 2WD class, 2nd place was best what he could bring home, at the end. Third position came to very experienced driver Ludek Szostek. Behind him finished Ivo Kavanek a Ladislav Holasek.

Formula: Lukas Hoch did not miss the opportunity to extend number of victories in row. Tone to tone win in each of three final heats made him standing on the top position again. Second place belonged to Tomas Rajdus. Right behind Tom there was a fight for third position between Ales Horak, Martin Janicek and Svetlin Douhlevski, each securing one third position. At the Ales was the luckiest one.

  1. Lukas Hoch
  2. Tomas Rajdus (Xray X1)
  3. Ales Horak (Xray X1)
  4. Svetlin Douhlevski (Xray X1)
  5. Martin Janicek (Xray X1)

Hobby: Radko Cernohous kept his TQ from qualification safe and grabbed the victory. Second spot came to Radovan Solansky, who was able to overtake Daniel Hons on third position. Unlucky fourth spot remained to Karel Kostka and Petr Krizak finished fifth.

Truck: Milan Peska controls his truck very well and result of this event was just a proof. Keeping a comfortable gap in front of runner-up Richard Granat he could celebrate at the end of that Saturday. Third place then came to Jiri Hrabec.

1/12 Open: Ludek Szostek fully exploited rent car showed his back to anyone else. Right behind Ludek another driver from northern Moravia took place. It was no one else than the fast junior Radim Hruska. Martin Zvara jr. completed the TOP3 in front of Roman Krejci and Jiri Rybak.

  1. Ludek Szostek (Xray X12)
  2. Radim Hruska (Xray X12)
  3. Martin Zvara
  4. Roman Krejci
  5. Jiri Rybak (Xray X12)

Stock: Even though results from Modified class were not corresponding with Oliver´s targets, Stock was such a different story. Winning first two finals he could just test a new bodyshell in the last one, but he won anyway. Karel Kratochvil – matador from northern Moravia was not so far, however, this time it was just not enough. So that he took at least second position. Third place went to his son Martin, who beat the only lady in race – Marketa Vitamvasova. Tono Sloboda managed to finish as fifth.

  1. Oliver Havranek (Xray T4)
  2. Karel Kratochvil (Xray T4)
  3. Martin Kratochvil (Xray T4)
  4. Marketa Vitamvasova (Xray T4)
  5. Tono Sloboda
  6. Jakub Dalecky (Xray T4)
  7. Filip Rajdus (Xray T4)
  8. Ludek Maler (Xray T4)
  9. Radko Cernohous jr. (Xray T4)
  10. Roman Spanel (Xray T4)

Modified: Final heats in the fastest 4WD class were graced with nice fights between TQ man Matej Sulc and Kuba Simurda, who started as second. In the first final Matej was able to keep tight racing line and it was just nowhere to get passed him. In the second and third final leader made a little mistakes allowing Kuba to go in front and win at the end. Second place went to Matej and third spot took local driver Ludvik Kurecka. Fourth spot came to Karel Kratochvil and Michal Vitamvas completed the TOP5.

  1. Kuba Simurda (Xray T4)
  2. Matej Sulc
  3. Ludvik Kurecka (Xray T4)
  4. Karel Kratochvil (Xray T4)
  5. Michal Vitamvas (Xray T4)
  6. Oliver Havranek (Xray T4)
  7. Mateusz Ogonowski
  8. Vit Parak (Xray T4)
  9. Ladislav Lebanek (Xray T4)
  10. Martin Kratochvil (Xray T4)