WRCR Rd6 report


Race report by Tom Erickson, photos by Kymm Thompson.

The Sixth round of racing ended on January 14th setting the tone for many classes as the final races loom to complete the 2017 Season Championship at WRCR. It was a mild and foggy winter day at the Washtenaw County Fairgrounds near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Attendance continues to run strong with 94 entries. Racing action was as hot as ever.

Novice Class

Round#6 was another round of strong turn out in the Novice class. Some drivers have moved up after the customary three wins. After a Round#5 win Milo Spieth has begun to demonstrate his improved driving skills. This round he secured the Top Qualifier spot with a solid run in qualifying even with Todd Aker setting fast laps. Todd started from the two spot. At the start of the Main event Todd tangled in the first turn with Travis Massey and Adam Corwin as Milo speed away free. Terry Bush, who started from the sixth position crossed the line in second place on the opening lap. Todd and Adam were not done battling. They fought past Terry and Tyson Bowling to get back to the second and third positions. After some laps Todd came out ahead. When the tone sounded Milo crossed the line in 1st place, Todd in 2nd place, and Terry Bush in 3rd place.

Novice A-Main Podium

  1. Milo Spieth
  2. Todd Aker
  3. Terry Bush

Open Mini Class

The Mini Class continued with seven entries mixed with many different vehicles. Season points leader Joe Gates was challenged by Matt Lemorie and Evan Rushbrook for the Top Qualifier spot. The third qualifier ended with Matt holding a strong finish and the TQ for the round with Evan in the second position and Joe in third. At the start Matt and Evan coupled their Mini E-Revos allowing Joe to pass and control the opening laps. Evan and Matt scuffled a few times as they regained their drive after Joe. Matt was the first to reach him and battle for the lead. Joe’s TLR Mini EighT left the track more than one time on the sixth lap into the event allowing first Matt and then Evan by. And that is how they finished. Matt held on for the win, Evan finished in 2nd place, and Joe in 3rd place.

Open Mini A-Main Podium

  1. Matt Lemorie
  2. Evan Rushbrook
  3. Joe Gates

Stampede Class

The season Ben Belote has dominated the Stampede class in his Mean Green machine. This round was no different. Ben grabbed the TQ early in qualifying with attempts from Matt Lemorie coming close but not close enough. The nine car field started the main event with the field running in start order through the first turn. Sean Carney flipped his caged Stampede collecting a number of trucks with him. On lap#2 Ben rolled his truck just ahead of Matt letting him slip through. He was reset just ahead of Joe Gates who started and continued in third. Sean regained position and was able to get by Joe for a few laps. Joe set his fastest lap of the race with his sights set on regaining third place but he also was able to pass Ben as Matt extended his lead. It looked as if this was the final placement until Ben began to reel in Joe each lap. Ben passed Joe with three laps to go and held it to the end. Matt finished in 1st place, Ben in 2nd place and Joe in 3rd place.

Stampede A-Main Podium

  1. Matt Lemorie
  2. Ben Belote
  3. Joe Gates

Stock Buggy 17.5t Blinky Class

Another round with a large turnout for the Stock Buggy class fielding both A and B Mains. Points leader Kenny Ferris was not in attendance leaving a chance for another driver to capture the win and press Kenny for the season title. Track conditions were different than most rounds with more moisture captured in the mixture of sand and clay. In addition, the track crew changed a tube on the infield affecting the flow of the track. Qualifying was stacked with top drivers on their game. After three hard fought rounds it was Dan Dresselhouse that edged out Forrest Remington for the TQ honors.

Stock Buggy B-Main

Josh Akers also ran strong in the Stock Buggy class qualifying first in the B-Main. The start of the B-Main was smooth for Josh leading the field through the early section of the track. Behind him Zach Kohler, who started second, found himself tangling wheels with other cars as the pack lead through the ripple strips. Brandon Suriano speed through the rough section to move from fourth to second. Josh took off setting the fastest lap of this main event. Zach challenged Brandon and was able to get past him until his race ended with mechanical issues. Track operator, Dave Ferris moved into the third position fighting with Brandon for position. Dave held second place until the last lap when he clipped a tube in the spine turn. As time expired, Josh crossed the line first capturing the 1st place finish. Brandon finished in 2nd place ahead of Dave Ferris in 3rd place.

Stock Buggy B-Main Podium

  1. Josh Aker
  2. Brandon Suriano
  3. Dave Ferris

Stock Buggy A-main

The start of the A-main also saw some buggies coupling as the pack sped through the ripple bumps. Dan and Forrest slipped through unscathed. Ben Belote and Anthony Wright chased behind them on the first lap. Forrest was on his game early and was able to get past Dan to assume the lead. Dan had a few rough laps as Ben closed in. Behind the lead group Conner Stanley was able to connect a number of fast laps together to begin to join them. The rest of the field was off the pace. Ben was able to capitalize on a mishap from Dan and take over second place. A few laps later Dan passed Ben clean to regain the position. This last pass solidified the finish. Forrest crossed the line in 1st place, Dan finished in 2nd place, and Ben held onto 3rd place.

Stock Buggy A-Main Podium

  1. Forrest Remington
  2. Dan Dresselhouse
  3. Ben Belote

Stock Short Course Truck 17.5t Blinky

The Stock Short Course class fielded a full main event. In qualifying Dan Dresselhouse and Sean Carney were able to run clean through the large field with Dan coming out on top. Starting from the TQ position was not the advantage Dan expected. On the opening lap of the A-Main event Dan did not get through clean allowing both Sean, Tom Erickson and Tom Massel by. On the second lap Erickson and Massel both had issues opening up enough space for Dan to move back up to the second position. Midway through Sean had opened up a strong lead lapping the field through fourth place. Dan and Tom Erickson could not put down laps fast laps to catch him. Sean finished in 1st place marking the third driver to win a round this season. Dan finished in 2nd place and Tom Erickson in 3rd place.

Stock SCT A-Main Podium

Sean Carney
Dan Dresselhouse
Tom Erickson

4×4 Short Course Truck

The 100ft x 52ft track seems small when the 4×4 Short Course Trucks begin to run. The aggressive speed is in the air as they speed by. This round Conner Stanley continued his domination easily grabbing the TQ position. Matt Lemorie started from the two spot with Corey Blue in third. The final began with Conner and Matt charging fast on the opening laps. Matt pushed hard and stayed close to Conner as Corey lost the third place starting position to Greg Shelton. Greg ran smooth laps from the start holding off Corey until the midpoint of the main event. After a few tight laps and some great racing between these two, Corey came out on top regaining the third position. The finish was clear. Conner finished in 1st place securing his fourth win of the season. Matt maintained his pace finishing in 2nd place, and Corey in third place.

4×4 SCT A-Main Podium

  1. Conner Stanley
  2. Matt Lemorie
  3. Corey Blue

4wd Open Buggy Class

Another fast paced class is the 4wd Buggy class. The entire field of drivers are capable of winning at any given round of racing. This is evident in the fast laps listed on the heat sheets in qualifying with only 1 second covering the entire field. Speed is not the only aspect. Forrest Remington was able to connect fast laps more consistently holding the TQ to the end. Dan Dresselhouse also ran well but not as consistent placing him second on the starting grid. On the first lap the pack charged through the rough ripple strips sending their cars every way but straight. Conner Stanley, driving his TLR 22-4, came out on top with Forrest in second and Tom Erickson in third. Dan was able to get by Tom as the opening laps continued to click off. Midway through, Dan connected with Forrest and Conner as all three swapped spots. This continued through most of the last half of the event with Forrest coming out on top finishing in 1st place, Conner in 2nd place, and Dan in 3rd place.

4wd Buggy A-Main Podium

  1. Forrest Remington
  2. Conner Stanley
  3. Dan Dresselhouse

Stock Stadium Truck 17.5t Blinky Class

The track conditions did not impact everyone equally. Dan Dresselhouse had his T5M dialed and grabbed the TQ early. Conner Stanley did his best but it did not measure up to Dan’s speed. Conner and Dan have been swapping wins in this class all season and the TQ was not always the winner. At the start Dan sailed through the ripple strips leading the pack. Conner and Uncle Bob jammed the option lane allowing C.J. Boka and Mark “Peanut M&M” Thompson through. Conner crossed the line on the first lap in sixth place. C.J. maintained a good pace just behind Dan as Conner worked his way through the pack. Uncle Bob followed close behind him as they first passed Dan Burnham and then Mark. Conner challenged C.J. for the second position as Dave Ferris battled with Uncle Bob for 4th place. In the end Dan led the race from start-to-finish adding another 1st place finish to the record. C.J. held off Conner in the closing laps to finish in 2nd place. This left 3rd place to Conner.

Stock Truck A-Main Podium

  1. Dan Dresselhouse
  2. C.J. Boka
  3. Conner Stanley

Modified Short Course Truck Class

It was all Matt Lemorie in qualifying. He set the pace to beat from the start of the day. Mark Thompson pressed close but not enough. At the start of the main event Mark launched right into the chase driving through the track on a mission. Before the first lap was up Mark passed Matt for the lead. Matt kept up the chase until his race ended with mechanical issues. Behind Matt was Kymm “Skittles” Thompson and Anthony Wright. Anthony was able to get past Kymm and began to close the gap to Mark. Anthony’s Pace quickly reduced the gap enough to pressure Mark. Mark responded and increased his pace. The two would count the laps as the clocked ticked down. The last lap began with Mark in the lead. Anthony was within 10 seconds as he crossed the line and laid down a faster lap but not enough to catch Mark. Kymm finished in 3rd place. Anthony finished in 2nd place and Mark secured his first win of the season.

Mod SCT A-Main Podium

  1. Mark Thompson
  2. Anthony Unknown
  3. Kymm “Skittles” Thompson

King-of-the-Hill Winner: Josh Aker

The 2016-17 season is coming to a close. Only two more rounds left. This week the 100-Grand bar went to Josh Aker in the King-of-the-Hill class. The next points event is planned for February 4th, 2016. Doors open at 8AM with racing starting at 10AM. This Saturday is the Annual Top Gun Challenge on January 28th, 2016. Look for the season schedule at www.WRCR.biz or on Facebook here.